The black series has become a community moan from the 3.75 action figure community. It was relegated to Walmart exclusivity. Making it harder to find for SA (Super Articulated) action figure collectors. Recently hopes were dim with light rumors that Phasma and Asty would be coming as Black Series 3.75. But no figures seen until just recently…

After The Force Awakens in late December finding these were near impossible the 10 figures in the line released so far are as rare as a Chupacabra. But after the resetting of Walmart stores in January/February we had no indication the line would continue…

Ebay seller falconer3933 whom some have said is an asian figure seller from Hong Kong has listed 3 new figures that seem to be from the super-articulate Black series. The ebay links are below:

3.75 Han

3.75 Phasma

3.75 Leia

Most SA collectors are thankful to even be getting SA figures continuing even though some have said the quality of Leia and the StarKiller base chose for Han are gripes for them. I’m in the former not the latter. I’m glad they’re continuing the line.

There’s an entire multi-page article I’d love to write regarding the zero action figure manufacturers here in the US that could handle the detail level for SA action figures. that will be an article for another time. But as for Star Wars lets hope sometime Hasbro will license out the playset portion of the 3.75 line to another company so we can start getting them again.