Today Star Wars News Net @StarWarsNewsNet, reported some pics from the DuList site. some audience view pics of the Episode VIII set in Dubrovnik Croatia. They also provided a translated article on the pics to give us some perspective on what’s going on.


From Star Wars News Net—


Speeder under wraps2


From DuList (translated by Google):


It seems that Mark Hamill was on set today (judging by the picture that we are ‘caught’ from a distance).

As it appears from the pictures, with him there are some troopers that irresistibly reminds of the AT – ST (All Terrain Scout Transport) Commanders, popularly called ‘chicken walkers’, which first appeared in the fifth installment – The Empire Strikes Back.

It is interesting to add that, as DuList learned from sources close to the production, for several days after the shooting locations in the city were hired twenty stuntman and about thirty extras. It seems that they are now at the spas recorded quite interesting scene!

Speeder under wraps1

Dignitaries on the street1

Personally I’m getting amped for the next episode since it’s literally more pics then we’ve seen for ROGUE ONE in over a year…. a year people.

Oh and thanks to Admiral Petty for helping translate the Aurebesh on the helmets it says something like “CBPD”… as someone who loves translating stuff I recognized the “PD” part easily the CB was a bit tougher but I can see where that may be the right letters. So they seem to be local law enforcement/militia rather then Resistace or First Order.