DV #14 coverThe Dark lord of the sith was a master of stare downs… down down down.

DV #14 scroll

Darth Vader #14

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Artist: Salvador Larroca

Colors: Edgar Delgado

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

DV #14 1

We open the issue where the last part of Vader Down’s cross over left off, Leia with her troops decimated by Vader who stares down the princess as he prepares to kill her. Leia to her character admits to Vader he could kill her and shes ready to die but one day his tyranny will come to an end. Vader kind of toy’s with her saying she is mistaken. Unlike Alderaan he’s not going to kill her swiftly, he’s going to end her slowly and painfully…
at this point my vore/guro radar went up. Knowing that Star Wars and especially now with Disney at the helm wouldn’t cross into that niche (and rough) genre. Though if any character were to do it, Vader with his torture sessions and amputating and slicing to death lightsaber skills would be the one to cross into it.

Anyways Vader starts after her but stops thinking its an ambush and distracts him. Leia unsure of what he’s thinking takes the chance to run away. What Vader was feeling is unknown but Vader seems to let her run mentioning that he wants her to lead him to Luke. (remember this distraction for later in the story)

DV #14 3

Leia in her escape through Vrogas Vas’ mists runs into C-3PO she tells 3PO to call in the rebellion bombers on her signal, which when 3-PO conveys to the others realize she’s going to sacrifice and is willing to do it if it means she stops Vader. As Luke and Han hear what Leia does they realize they have to stop her but suddenly a Wookie ship smashes into the the Falcon from above just as it was taking off. Inside is Black
Krrsantan, the wookie bounty hunter hired by Vader. At first it’s hilarious, the Wookie bounty hunter busts open the cockpit of the Falcon and Han of course assumes the bounty hunter is there for him and he’s trying to talk his way out of it with the Wookie hunter. Suddenly Krrsantan dismisses Han and grabs Luke, pulling him out of the cockpit. At first you think Krrsantan is going to take him somewhere but then! Dah-dah-dum! Cheewwwwbacca! To the rescue he grabs the wookie hunter and the pair of wookies square off Rocky Balboa and Apolo Creed style!

DV #14 2

Elsewhere Leia has left 3-PO to rush Vader while 3-PO was making his way back to the Millenium Falcon he runs into a pair of droids, Bee-tee and Triple-0. While Triple-0 was still missing his pair of arms from his previous scrape with Chewbacca in the previous issue which takes place only a few hours before this. Well needless to say the pair of killer droids in Darth Vader’s employ quickly remedy Triple-0’s missing arms… with

During this is going on Leia reaches Vader knowing her signal is still open and the Y-Wing bombers are locking in to drop their ordinance on her signal which will kill her and take out Vader at the same time. I have to say Larroca in the final panel that Leia is in before the Y-Wings set to drop the bombs gives Vader yet another awesome stare down saying “This has been a long time coming.”.

Now, remember that distraction I told you above to remember? Well here’s the payoff. The distraction wasn’t additional rebel troops to bomb Vader as the location he sensed them at was no where near where Leia is now confronting him with the bomb signal marked on them both.
DV #14 4

The distraction was an Imperial task force coming into the system and attacking rushing troops planet side and as luck would have it multiple squadrons of Ties descending on the Y-Wings just before they drop their bombs, the Tie’s tear up most of the old lumbering Y- wings, and the few that survive bug-out. One sad Y-wing pilot that survives his crash however meets Karbin, the Mon-Cala/Grievous wannabe that leads this incoming Imperial force to kill Skywalker and Vader… Dum- dah-Duuuuum….

DV #14 5

lol yea right. Karbin’s got to be one of the worst designed characters IMO. Look I give Grievous a pass because he was the 1st we ever saw of that robo-multi-armed lightsaber guy-thing but another person trying to emulate it and with the hilarity that is evil-Ackbar in Karbin literally makes me laugh when I look at him on the page lol. Thankfully the one good thing he brings are those special battle armed royal-esque guards with extra armor.. they look awesome.

All in all it was a decent issue Aphra even made a cameo so i’ll give it 7 of 10 blaster rifles.