To be honest I didn’t expect to wind up with a new website. I still have a lot of respect and admiration for the guys over at FMI and am still friends with them. Though with life taking away from fantasy I had to retract from FMI as the time and quality in the way that site demands was getting beyond my means.

Chewy and 3P0 playing Dejarik4

So I created the Dejarik Table, the gaming table that is seen in the movies and in TV shows that’s been across tons of Star Wars media that gives entertainment and can play holonet-news recordings in the new canon.


So for a more casual feel I felt it might work better to name the new sight after it for a more causal tone for a more casual site where we mostly   talk toys and review other media like comics and some novels and of course TV shows and movies about the galaxy far, far away.