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Podcast #26 George and Matt, oh my!

Recorded on September 23rd-ish this is the first podcast to be posted here since #22, the rest are found on our YouTube Channel. We didn’t want to spam the frontpage and get Eric’s campaign funding posts knocked down the page too soon.

George and Matt discuss the recent gets prior to NYCC and the newest Star Wars action figure finds this month.

As always you can find George @Veerwatch and Matt @Rezikai

Send us an email at or leave a comment on the video here or at our YouTube page.


Checking out Jyn

So I found a 2nd Vintage Collection Jyn Erso figure and opened it (Exacto knife saves the cardback hehe). Mostly I wanted to check this out since my post last month about her. I have doubles of the other Vintage collection figures as well (except the Hoth Trooper.. damn scalpers) So I wanted to make sure I wasn’t insane looking at her through the bubble.



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The Vintage Collection (2) First wave found!

For those of you waiting for the first wave of the 2018 Star Wars Vintage Collection to release it seems to be hitting a few weeks early for some areas of the country.


TVC2 Wave 1 thumbs up

It also seems a slight change to one of the characters (not a missing beard) but for the most part they are similar if not exactly the previous releases, except of course for the non-bearded Hoth Trooper.

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Podcast #22 2018 Toy Fair Goodness!

This month the guys talk about the Solo trailer debuted at the super bowl. As well as the 2018 international Toy Fair where Hasbro along with many other Star Wars toymakers debuted first glimpses of upcoming toy products.

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Star Wars: Stormtroopers Beyond the Armor

Recently I saw a Stormtrooper hardback book was being released and like most behind the scene books based on Star Wars licenses (the movies, Rebels, CW etc) I was going to pass on it and maybe skim it at a Barnes&Noble later as I usually do. And I did. But while skimming it I was pleasantly surprised and purchased it.

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Galactic Trading Post Space Walls

So if you’re more in the know in Star Wars collecting you may have heard mention or seen (or in my case own) a set of Galactic Trading Posts Space Walls.

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Podcast# 18


FF2 logo

The guys discuss their Force Friday 2 hauls as well as what they are excited to see from Hasbro and other toymakers for the galaxy far far away.


As well as the sad recent news about ToysR’Us’s financial woes, come join us!


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Dejarik Table #11..ish?

ToyFair 2017 has come and went and the three of us are still trying to figure out what we just saw…

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AT-AT’s are A-Tee A-Tees.. not @@’s!

I dont care what the Nerdist or some newb at Lucasfilm or even JJ says its A-tee A-tee… why? Because you dont sat At-St… At-ssst? No you say AT-ST… like a normal person. How is this hard to understand!? Gah….

AT-ACT dio from SDCC 2016.jpg

So SDCC unveild some stuff… pics are curtousey of From 4-Lom to ran by Jake Steven’s from ToyRun!.

Read more for more pics and a video he posted.

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