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Podcast# 18


FF2 logo

The guys discuss their Force Friday 2 hauls as well as what they are excited to see from Hasbro and other toymakers for the galaxy far far away.


As well as the sad recent news about ToysR’Us’s financial woes, come join us!


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Dejarik Table #11..ish?

ToyFair 2017 has come and went and the three of us are still trying to figure out what we just saw…

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AT-AT’s are A-Tee A-Tees.. not @@’s!

I dont care what the Nerdist or some newb at Lucasfilm or even JJ says its A-tee A-tee… why? Because you dont sat At-St… At-ssst? No you say AT-ST… like a normal person. How is this hard to understand!? Gah….

AT-ACT dio from SDCC 2016.jpg

So SDCC unveild some stuff… pics are curtousey of From 4-Lom to ran by Jake Steven’s from ToyRun!.

Read more for more pics and a video he posted.

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Are you not Entertained!?

Well that was a whole lot of fuss about nothing… ish

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Podcast #5

Eric Berry takes over as host this episode since Matt got tired of hearing himself breathe into his own microphone… throw the SOCOM headset away Matt… we beg you!


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Life Sized Falcon’s and mini Rey’s… how’s she going to reach the hyperdrive?

So this week had quite a bit of fun things going on. We had some spy pics from… well to be honest I can’t remember who originally took the drone pics because by the time I seen them they were all over the internet. I am going to just credit Making Star Wars because I happened to be listening to them as I write this piece.

Now with that solid out of the way the Falcon…


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Hasbro Pulse starts something great.

Hasbro Pulse diorama announcement

Friends and consumers of Hasbro toys have been making diorama’s and photonovels with their playsets and action figures for decades. However last year Hasbro launched it’s focus section of their site called Hasbro Pulse. Giving insight and news to upcoming products and behind the scenes looks at former and current workings of different franchises under it’s banner such as Transformers, GiJoe and especially my beloved Star Wars.

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Searching for plastic bliss at the Columbus Toy Show

Waking up at 6AM on a Sunday is something I hoped never to do on purpose ever….. EVER. March 20th, was the date and I was awake…

Few things I can get up that early for. One of them happens twice a year here in Columbus Ohio. The CTS, Columbus Toy Show sponsored in part (if not totally) by CTSPromotions. This year was a bit better then previous I have to say.

in line

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Eric’s Collecting Story…

Friend of the site and co-host Eric Berry (of ) wrote a piece for a few weeks ago but I hadn’t gotten around to posting about it. (AKA I forgot) you can read the entire article—> here (or click the picture)

Collection room 

I did enjoy and the read and the chance to glimpse at Eric’s collection. I suggest it for anyone who’s into collecting SW/anime/gundam or a prop enthusiast.

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