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The Dr. Aphra series.

So I’ve been reading the Dr. Aphra series…

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40 Years and the cake is still fresh…

The 40th anniversary episode. Matt and George talk about their memorable parts of the fandom leading up to May 25th.

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Post Celebration Orlando ramblings…

Me, and talk about the reveals and news coming from Orlando… George’s segment was a different recording so one of these days all three of us are going to be able to record at the same time…lol.

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Dejarik Table #11..ish?

ToyFair 2017 has come and went and the three of us are still trying to figure out what we just saw…

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So it’s been a while…

Last time I wrote here was the final issue of Darth Vader’s review. That was… 3 months ago? Well the Holidays are a fun and horrific time and such is how my life is during the Christmas rush as a retail worker /blech. We return to the table to discuss Rogue One and new toys with episode 10.

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Darth Vader #25 The Great Finale

The final hurrah of the famed Darth Vader!


Ok not really, but it is the final issue for his self-title comic book. It’s been over a week thinking of me sitting at my screen trying to figure out what to write to really sum up my feelings for what was my favorite title in the Star Wars comics lines.

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Han Solo #4


The game is afoot!

The dragon void run has taken a sinister turn for our favorite nerf herder and his trusty 1st mate Chewbacca. This month Han Solo really has to start using his noggin when it comes to his decision making about saving alliance spies and the way the race is being ran.

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Star Wars… somewhere in the 20s

Look I keep telling you, I’m going to stop reviewing this title. It is inevitable.. it is my destiny…. to get the hell away from this … this crud. I mean seriously guys I know it’s fun to play in the Star Wars universe but have some respect for the material.


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So Rogue Friday…

This was recorded on the evening of Rogue Friday, myself and Eric (Raylen) Berry recorded it earlier in the week but my PC ate ┬áit. So we did it on the same night we’d both later go hunting for figures.

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