Eric’s Customs


custom Aphra and BT-1

Dr Aphra and BT-1

I put these customs into motion shortly before collectors voted for Aphra as a Fan’s Choice figure. The good Dr uses a comic pack Bultar Swan head and upper torso and the waist down is from a Juno Eclipse figure. The jacket is all sculpted. The cap comes from a rebel pilot (modded) and the blaster and holster donated from Han Solo.

BT-1 was an existed droid with the dome modified (via dremel tool). Additional weapons kit bashed parts. After this picture was taken, I later made BT-1’s companion 000.


custom Tonnika Sisters


Tonnika Sisters

Since we will probably never see these two figures made, we have to make our own. I used the body from Leesub Sirln. added the belts and additional details. The head sculpts I purchased online.





custom Wolfman 1


Lak Sivrak

Although we’ve gotten the cantina wolfman Lak Sivrak back in the POTF2 days, its unlikely Hasbro will revisit him. Especially as he has less screen time since the Special Edition changed some shots. I used a Kit Fisto Body and sewed the soft goods tunic. With the extra articulation, he can now sit.




custom Labria



As with the wolfman, the only version we have of the devilish Labria is an old POTF2 sculpt. I used the body from an Imperial Navy Commander and sewed a soft goods lower “skirt”as well as soft goods cape. Now he can sit while enjoying a drink at Mos Eisley’s favorite watering hole.




custom Bith


Bith (cantina patron)

Not the most exciting custom I’ve done, but I wanted to fill out some background denizens from the cantina.







custom Jabba Guard and Duros

Fozzec and Duros (cantina patron)

Fozzec, one of Jabba’s guards. He has a fair amount of screen time in ROTJ yet we’ve never gotten a figure of him. I used a Wilrow Hood head on a Talon Karrde body. Waist sash, armor bits, and helmet are from a Skiff Guard Lando.

We got one Duros figure way back in the Power of the Jedi line. In fact it was the first Fan’s Choice figure I can remember. However, the other Duros was never made so I decided to make him. That figure donated the head and hands. The torso and arms are from a farmboy Luke and I honestly can’t remember where the legs came from. A soft goods skirt means this guy can sit too.


custom Jess


Jess  (Jabba’s Palace)

A background character in Jabba’s palace, I dug the look of this character. I used a POTF2 slave Leia and the legs from an Indiana Jones Marion Ravenwood figure. Belt was scratch built. The hair is the standout here as its individually cut string glued on a piece at a time.





custom EV-9D9 sitting


EV- 9D9

Another POTF2 figure in need of updating and articulation. This took two figures to make work but EV-9D9 now has elbow articulation as well as knees. The figure lacked hip movement beyond 45 degrees so sitting was still impossible. I came up with a way to use a tiny rubber band that allows the hip plate to “float” forward letting the hips  move far enough to sit.





custom plnk droid 1custom plnk droid 3







PLNK Droid (Clone Wars)

First seen in the Clone Wars animated series, the PLNK droid is basically a four legged Gonk Droid. I used two Gonks that came in the Target exclusive droid figure 3 pack. It still retains the ability to remove the top revealing generator(s) detail.


custom Agent Kallus figure 2custom Agent Kallus figure 3










Agent Kallus (Rebels)

I don’t care for the animated style of figures and since we have not been given any realistic styled Rebels figures in the 3.75″ scale, we gotta make our own.

I would have liked to have a removable helmet, but the animated style figure we did get has a passable “realistic” look to it. I put that head on to an Imperial Navy Commander body. The additional armor pieces were all hand sculpted.


courier droid 2courier droid 1










Imperial Courier Droid (Rebels)

This was a simple repaint of an existing figure but I always loved the paint scheme on him.


Governor Pryce custom


Governor Pryce (Rebels)

Another simple custom. I used the head from an Indiana Jones Irena Spalco figure (which may have been an inspiration for Pryce’s look) and put it on a Deena Shan officer body. Badge was cut off and replaced.





custom Baze 2


Baze Malbus (Rogue One)

A victim of “5 POA Syndrome”, Baze was in serious need of an upgrade. Using waist and legs from a Col Cracken figure and torso and arms from Bom Vimdin. the torso from the 5 POA Baze was hollowed out to accommodate the modified Vimdin torso. Other armor bits were cut off and glued on. Great think is both donor body parts were all close to the same color, so a bit of a wash over all blends together nicely.



custom Leia pilot


Princess Leia (Expanded Universe)

Based on an appearance from the comics, this is Leia in an Xwing pilot outfit. I used the body of a Hoth Leia. Gauntlets and vest from a femal pilot. The boots are from a Kanan figure. The harness was made from ribbon. It doesn’t lay as well as I’d like, but didn’t think the ones from the figures looked quite right.





custom 3PO

custom Ahmed Jar Jar










Anthony Daniels and Ahmed Best

Both these figures use heads from the figures of cameos both actors had in Attack of the Clones. Anthony was the first figure custom I ever made and I thought a head swap would be the way to go. The hand was cut off and glued in a new position with the C3PO head tack glued on. I always thought it was pretty funny seeing behind the scenes photos of Ahmed Best wearing a blue visor and a Jar Jar head as a hat. For some reason I just had to make this.