Once again we return to the era of the Old Republic where young Jedi Caleb Dume is getting some serious emo-ness going on because his buddy Stance has bitten the Big One. Then he realizes that the enemy DREW FIRST BLOOD… (sounds of choppers in the background)

Kanan #11 cover.jpg

Kanan #11 scroll

Writer: Greg Weisman

Artist: Pepe Larraz

Colors: David Curiel

Cover: Mark Brooks

Letterer: VC’d Joe Caramagna

We star the issue in the “present” or as close as we’re going to get in the story-groups version of the present for the Ghost Crew all captured in the medical center where Kanan sits in the Bacta Tank unconscious recovering from his wound.

Kanan #11 X

Caleb sitting next to his clone buddy STANCE during a battle was a little non realistic. But I’ll let it slide Coburn Sear was there for revenge and he was dam sure going to make sure someone was going to die by a fiery mess.Kanan #11 A

Caleb must move on, he feels the darkness start to take him… they drew first blood colonel! errr ahem.. anyways…. So with some fancy Jedi footwork Caleb spars with the Coburn Sear and cuts him up pretty bad. But has to hold back from killing him outright and cuts his leg off I think. He offers the Kage warrior a mercy kill but as we foreshadowed earlier someone in this fight is going to Kanan #11 Bdie in a fiery mess.

Coburn decides to turn on his flame thrower and light himself on fire and come at Caleb, who in turn quickly and cleaning decapitates Coburn turning the warrior into the fiery mess.

.. I had a joke about the big “Burning Man” event down int he SouthWest but I couldn’t remember the state it’s in and decided to leave it out… but man.. it was burner! /slaps knee.

Anywho…. so we flash over to Depa Billapa holding up against one of the most comical villains in Star Wars General Grievous! Seriously guys with the names… Kallus, Grievos, Sheev, Snoke…. stop telling yourself your good at naming stuff… Jakku and Naboo still have the (eww) sound at the end and Naboo was a 1 shot pony trick for a name.. Jeebus… whats the next name going to be… Jeebus? -SMH-

So before I digressed, Depa is fighting General veg-o-matic with his four light sabers coming at her… she’s holding her own but it’s a tough battle. While the two start talking trash to each other about the last time they battled Depa is trying to gain the upper hand in the battle and cuts off two of Grievous’ little robot hands. Then he gets all angry and cuts a glancing blow down her back… sad that it took the hit because Depa’s backside isn’t something someone should ever give a glancing anything to… if anything a good sh…. well.Kanan #11 C

Anyways she’s wounded. But fortunately Styles and Grey show up with Caleb and fight off Grievous before he can lay the killing blow on her. She is helped up by Caleb as Grievous escapes. Then goes to heal this one out in the bacta tank herself.

The issue closes with the Stormies standing around the crew of the Ghost reporting in to their superiors if they should kill the rebels in the med center or bring them back for interrogation… Then John Rambo shows up.

He explodes into the room catching the stormtroopers off-guard and uses his blade skills to take out all three of the soldiers before the sweat could even come off his brow. Chuck Norris would be proud.

Kanan #11 D So while I’m not the biggest fan of how this series was handled in general I love this issue as it was much like it was two issues ago full of action and intended or not had awesome call backs to the an 80’s war/military movie. GiJoe before now Rambo… FIRST BLOOD!

I had this whole paragraph set up to talk about Pepe Laraz’ great art and Weisman’s writing and the colors and such but nawww. I’ll leave it at John Rambo… /Salute

10/10 blaster rifles!