Gotta love Target when the pegs start getting replenished.

Ezra speeder.jpg

So I went over to my local Walmart this morning hoping the 3.75 BlackSeries figures were restocked on the pegs but alas not only had they not restocked they were ENTIRELY RESETTING THE STAR WARS SECTION in the toy isle… with now only a small little section dedicated to Hero Mashers and some plushies… and of course some empty pegs where 3.75 5POA and SA figures may one day be.

So standing there deflated I make the walk back to the car and drive across the street to the Target to see if their barren pegs of Star Wars has been replenished. To my lackluster they had a few pegs still with figures… then I see that 3 or 4 Ezra Speeders were hanging on hooks. I grab 2 of them and start out for the register but midway I stop and think… Maybe those peg warmers I saw of Poe in X-Wing gear and Goss Towers may have newer figures behind them…

Friday's Target Haul

So I trudge back to the Star Wars section and start fingering through the carded 5POA figures and to my surprise at least two of old smuggler Han, Hassk Thug and Rey Resistance had been oddly placed behind the pegwarmers… hmmm odd but not totally unusual. Some toy stockers do this hoping shoppers will pass over the figures assuming they are just still the same ones they’ve seen for a while. Someone from that Target must collect. Fortunately I double checked and picked up the three there I didn’t have yet.

I can’t believe I’m buying 5POA figures but until SA versions of them are made this is the version of these figures I’m stuck with. So I’m hoping Hasbro starts getting their stuff together and understands the SA line fans that are in their 20’s and 30’s grew up with SA from the prequels and Clone Wars are here to stay and cheapening out when we clearly see the Marvel stuff has SA figures is more then annoying. Much More.

Anywho… rants aside I do enjoy Ezra’s speeder and the variant of his figure it comes with. As you can see the figure has a slightly different hair sculpt it seems and his paint apps have changed.

Ezra speeder8

His overall colors are a darker version of the more colorful season 1 and recent TFA carded version. He’s also now wearing gloves where before he was not.

Ezra speeder9

He’s also sporting the season 2 pouch on his side and on the opposite hip he sports a  hook for his Saber’s hilt to hang.

He even comes with the Season 2 scarring that’s stayed on his face since his battle with Season 1’s inquisitor.

Overall I must say I like the changes even though the “scars” on his face from the wound he got in Season 1 seems a little too thick. But the fact they understood from the Rebels show that it’s a pair of scars where the Inquisitors Saber started to hit his face does show they are paying attention or Filoni and Lucasfilm are making sure they are given adequate information regarding the character.

The most interesting and needed thing they have done for this figure is something I think they did to a limited amount of previous figures but I may be wrong is the Ezra’s Saber-stunner blaster’s hilt/gun part can be detached from the saber’s blade giving him his gun onlyEzra speeder5 Ezra speeder6As we see here.Ezra speeder7



The speeder itself is really well done it’s small but durable. I know because my cat was trying to play with it in my room while I was downstairs troubleshooting my laptop.

I posed Ezra on it and noticed that both pedals have a peghole for his feet, something that I don’t think any of the previous swoop bikes or speeder bikes ever came with. Also on top of the speeder bike having peg holes on the pedals the pedal cross section that is built into the frame has a built in adjustable slider for larger legged action figures wanting to use the the speeder bike for their own.

Ezra speeder4
underneath carriage view showing the adjustable pedal crossbar

Along with the adjustable pedal cross bar we have slightly adjustable handlebars for the speeder bike. They are made on an up and down position swivel but there is a little cut section in the the bikes “tank” area to allow the handles to move slightly towards the back/ride or more towards the front.

Ezra speeder3
A slot the shape of the tank allows the handles to move forward & back



When I flipped the bike over I noticed a section where something is made to clip into the under carriage of the chassis.

Ezra speeder11

Ezra didn’t come with a staff and from the clip molded into the bottom and the pair of concave molded depreciation s in the chassis it was obvious some form of staff wen down there.

It wouldn’t be until later when I flipped over the box I realized that it was made for Ezra’s saber’s blade clips there so he can sport the Saber-Blaster while riding.  It’s not a massive need, nor is it shown anywhere in the non-existent instructions this toy didn’t come with…lol! But the fact that much like Rey’s speeder or the Special Forces Tie Fighters from The Force Awakens toy line the designers were thoughtful enough to have a nice spot to put something that you wouldn’t have to keep separate from the rest of the toy.

Ezra speeder10Finally we come to the rear of the bike, where the exhaust vents and tail rudders are molded to the chassis. The read of the bike’s body has a drop down hatch much akin to the Rebels Scout Y-wing from last year.

It’s a nice afterthought for storing supplies and it also has a little hook for what I can only imagine is to hang Ezra’s blaster on when not on his hilt. This may be more beneficial as the blaster does occasionally come off the hilt when you are zooming Ezra around the room in the air making him do tight turns and fly inverted ala Top Gun… n- not that I did that of course I’m just saying… it was really hard to find the blaster by itself without the saber in it when it hit the floor!

Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the review, if you think I’ve left out anything or have comments of your own feel free to email me at or leave comments below. I appreciate the feedback!