I’m not going to lie… I’m not a 6″ action figure fan.  6inch sabine

Never have been, doubt I ever will be. However with the recently seen 6″ Ahsoka, Kanan, Sabine shown at Toyfair I think i’ll probably wind up hating it. Why, because I love them /goes crazy.

But Rez? How could you hate it if you love it? Easily I reply… I am a Cleveland Browns Fan.

That’s all the explanation I’ll give regarding that. However I was very picky when it came to the 6″ I picked up the 6″ flame Trooper because I loved his detail and his tank that he came with. I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. Then I seen the Kanan and Ahsoka,..

Now, full disclosure I wasn’t an Ahsoka fan from the Clone Wars. I won’t go into the reasons here as this isn’t a Clone Wars review. So what I will say is I much MUCH prefer her as an aged adult. She’s much more mature and cool headed when it comes to her actions in Rebels. I picked up the Ahsoka – Vader 2pack just because I loved her character there so much.

ahsoka 6 inch

Not a Jedi, not a sith. Though she still holds to the ideals of the Jedi or so we’ve been lead to believe. I hope that somehow if she is killed off by Vader she gives him the seed of regret to his actions since turning in ROTS. Or maybe she’ll join him.. or maybe she’ll decide to go into exile again. Surviving by leaving the rebellion.

I doubt that’ll happen but if any of the three between her, Kanan or Ezra survive without turning to the darkside I hope one of them quits. Totally we’ve only ever heard of Kanan doing that but we’ve never seen it, maybe the last episode of season 5 of CW with Ahsoka leaving the Jedi order. But again I digress.

Kanan 6 inch

Ahsoka will be impossible to find. Kanan maybe not as much but they are realistic sculpts which is something we’ve never had in my beloved 3.75 scale.

3.75 sabine 2

Both of them are in animated forms. Even Sabine in 3.75 is animated and not a realistic scuplt. So I’ll probably be picking these three up as I’m a huge fan of Rebels and pretty decent fan of Filoni’s.

Oh… then there’s Revan again in 6″ I don’t own the 3.75 and after seeing the price of a carded version I probably never will and I’m not that big of a fan of Revan’s but I do like good looking figures and it looks like one of the best… whew… my wallet is going to ache.

6inch Revan