Star Wars #17

Kit Cloudkicker and Baloo have to take a job to buy the Sea Duck back from Rebecca. Hopefully they find one in Cape Suzette!


So with WordPress image loading FUBAR’D up for the last 2 weeks me getting this review out took literally 5x longer then normal. I got 3 comics to do and it’ll take me 3 days to get them out because WordPress hasn’t fixed this yet ….ugh.


Writer: Jason Aaron

Penciler: Leinil Francis Yu

Inker: Gerry Alanguilan Colorist: Sunny Gho

Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos

Cover: Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson

So we finally get a chance to post about an issue where I can add an image file.



So this issue we return to the the main line of the Star Wars comic franchise.

We return to the issue where a group of armed thugs and droids have taken over the Rebels secret Sunspot Prison. Where Princess Leia and Sana have just had Vader’s rogue agent Dr. Aphra locked up. IMG_20150507_141317_672[1]The group breaking into the prison doesn’t really identify itself but it’s assumed they are there to kill or reclaim Dr. Aphra since Vader has put a substantial bounty on her.

Luckily Sana and Leia are hero’s with plenty of plot armor.

However the poor bastards like the prison guards and the other prisoners that the head thug of the guys attacking the prison decides needs to die aren’t and are brutally slaughtered in their cells. As opposed to nice and softly slaughtered. After toying with them some of course to show how evil he needs to be to be killed off later I assume.

IMG_20150507_141317_672[1] So we get prisoners running amok in the prison we have Leia, Sana and the guards trying to contain and control the situation and we have this gang of bounty thugs making everyone a target… and in the middle is the coolest and awesomest of all the characters of the new Star Wars canon Dr. Aphra. I really want to know her first name. To see tons more of her backstory and how she’ll continue to work for or run from Vader in the future. Hopefully he’ll forgive her for loosing to Prissy Princess Leia and her hired Corellian and Wookie goons.

Speaking of which the greasy haired Corellian and the Tatooine hick find themselves back at Nar Shadda, even though they just fought to get away from this place a few weeks/issues ago.IMG_20150507_141317_672[1]

Seems since Solo tried to pretend to be Kenny Rogers and failed at it last issue they need to get some of the money back they lost. He and Luke decide to take a charter to try and get some of the lost funds back. Somehow visions of Kit Cloudkicker and Baloo start to form in my head… I wonder why…

Oh yes I remember why when I look at the page below. You see back in the day Baloo wanted to make enough money to pay Rebecca to purchase the SeaDuck back. Well he needed a job that was nasty enough…


Hence… Gorilla birds. Or in this case, smelly buffalo-things.


I assume this is homage to Tailspin much as the episode of Rebels “Wings of the Masters” was with Quarrie and Hera playing the roles of the ghost flight instructor and amnesia stricken Baloo. I’ll take Hera over Baloo… no offense big guy but she’s a hell of a lot prettier and a better shot with a pistol.

Though maybe not as gross and smelly and those traits do sometimes come in handy, eh well – shrugs-.

So back to the more pleasant and beautiful Dr. Aphra…

Aphra has by now been stripped of her awesome Indiana Jones attire and had it replaced with her normal prisoner orange jumpsuit … Orange is not the New Black no matter how many times you watch that show… ugh.

So for some reason the Sunspot prison guards let Aphra keep her awesome aviator’s cap which hides her deep alluring locks of hair but because it’s so retro-y dope I’ll let it slide.


Eventually the group of infiltrator thugs show Leia that they’ll start executing many of the prisoners by exposing them to Sunspot’s massive sun rays since it’s on the edge of a star itself. Leia thinks it’s dastardly! Gasps! pffff. Most of these guys would have killed you in a second to escape Leia, I wouldn’t feel too bad for them. When you’re captured in battle or in ops and keep your own neck intact I was told to consider yourself lucky.

So then these thugs make it to Aphra’s cells and open up with blasters! GASPS! NOOO! Take back what I said! Let my baby Aphra liiiiiiive!

Aphra being quick witted and limber like catwoman hides behind the her cot as the blaster shots spray across her cell.

Luckily Sana who knows Aphra from some previous time together which in my own pervy mind have decided that before Sana was after Indiana errr.. .Han Solo she wanted a copy of Indiana aka Dr. Aphra and the sweet love between the two gorgeous women is something that needs to be animated for redtube or pornhub… make it happen Hentai fans!

Anywho the thugs are pushed back by the rescuing Sana and Leia who free her and ask for her help. Aphra being the cool and almost collected says whatever she was going to escape anyways and seeing as she’s been known to before I figured she would.


So ends another issue of the STAR WARS title line. I must say I liked certain points, most of them dealing with Aphra. Some stuff I shrugged at like the needing to show these thugs as more evil-er to kill other prisoners. I mean who cares how evil they need to be they are the enemy and have slaughtered your guards. Time to fight them.

Pencils= good

Inks= good

Colors= unique, not a personal favorite but also good.

Writing = adequate. less evil stuff from 3rd rate thugs needs to be seen for more Aphra dammit.

7.5/10 baster rifles.