Well well, seems WordPress still has many people including myself held by the net-sack. (Yes I went there). Our ability to upload media files has been hindered … so I give you a shortened version of Obiwan and Anakin #3!




Writer: Charles Soule

Art & Cover: Marco Checchetto

Colors: Andres Mossa

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

And because I always forget her in the credits

Asst. Editor: Heather Antos

So we return to the prequel era again for issue 3 of Obiwan and Anakin. I have to say at first when I read this issue it wasn’t appealing to me but I read through the initial thoughts of “hurry up” and “more waiting” when reading through much of the flashbacks and waiting for more interesting things to happen on the dirigable.


However as I re-read the issue I have to say I started to enjoy the feel of it. Seeing old Palps take a young impressionable Anakin to a seedy bar, having them nearly get into it with some thug working for a senator. obi-wan20amp20anakin20320b_zpsleuialvz

It really shows that relationship Anakin and Palp’s have prior to ATOC and helps build both characters. I wish we could have seen some of this on film rather then AOTC’s love story but Lucas wasn’t having that.

obi-wan20amp20anakin20320a_zpsvenk8fs0What I do find interesting is that in this era of Obi-wan and Anakin as a young padawan he was allowed to go with the Chancellor so freely. I would have expected their to be more turmoil from the Jedi to be so close to the Chancellor but I suppose that would be an annoyance to the plot. Eh well.

So anywho we get more backstory of Palp’s being his stalker self showing Anakin the greasy underbelly of Coruscant.

Occasionally through the issue we get to catch up the “Current” story of Obiwan and Anakin and that’s where I was having more of a time with the boredom at first but I suppose it’s not supposed to be too dam exciting or then the issue may seem too busy.

obi-wan20amp20anakin20320c_zpstnee15pfI Will say that I wish there was more to the character development from the current story then with Palps and Anakin. We have plenty of time coming up I assume to delve back into the backstory of why Anakin loves Palps so much. I want more Mother Pran and her underling Kolara. Maybe less of Wrecker but meh whatevs.

Maybe its a fetish of mine, if you knew me you’d know the answer but then you’d never read anything of mine nor speak to me again so this is the ideal format upon which to interact with the general public for me.


So Obiwan and crew see that they are about to be attacked by some wierd FarScape beasts that want to eat them allllll up.

They figure they can stay above them in the airship then… dun dun dun … betrayal!


To say I didn’t see it coming would be an overstatement. We knew something was going to go down in some kind of plot twist. Seems comics today can’t be written without them to keep younger readers minds on the fact they are reading sequential art instead of playing awesome video games. But I’ll let it slide since I’m a whore for nostalgia especially old movies and radio dramas and I know we need to keep the new blood in the hobby. …


Oh the betrayal was Kolara and Mother Pran throwing out Anakins saber and then taking off in part of the airship that apparently was never hinted as as being able to be ejected off and then turning its guns on the airship with the pair of jedi and Wrecker…

I find it odd.. but will let it slide… again I’m a sucker for women who hate me. Thanks for giving me a weird fetish like that mom… i hate you… and love you.

I need anime … stat.