Poe Dameron #5 cover plate

So lets talk about the Resistance… and what it means…


Some say its the last hope against the First Order, others call them criminals and terrorists. I fall in the later as I’m an Empire guy. Though I admire some of their ingenuity.

Poe Dameron #5 scroll

We start issue 4 off with a foreshadowed scene of Poe being hung upside down in front of a group of hutts. One being Grakus the buff hutt from the main Star Wars issue #7.

Poe Dameron #5 A

The rest of the issue finds us in a long winding flashback of Poe having a drink with his flight buddies in a very “casual Friday standing around but not comfortable” work related meeting in the office scene.

Poe Dameron #5 B

We see him talk to the Duros whos name I never remember, we see Jess talk to the technician who wants to eventually fly with the group and Snap Wexley who for being over 40 is some how pulling Kare as romantic counterpart.

Guess that whole bro-mance between Poe and Finn is going to come true … as I tease my fujoshi friends hehe…

Anywho, Poe and company are on the way to a prison facility where the most notorious beings that had been kept since the Empire’s days are still being held.

Poe Dameron #5 C

There they’re told that the gravity is so dense leaving the protective shield the orbital prison sky-hook watch tower projects would cause your body to be crushed under its own weight. I fine place for these terrorist criminals of the Resistance!

So when Poe and company go down to speak to Grakkus They get caught up in the thick of a wave of angry criminals ready to pounce on them. The crew blasts their way to Grakku’s compound (since there are no guards on the planet surface). While there Poe finds out Grakkus had another visitor earlier that day… Agent Terex (Yes! My man!)

Poe Dameron #5 D.jpg

So we have Poe and Terex banter off each other and Grakkus all more then happy to have them offer different things for the information he possesses.

All in all the issue wasn’t a huge action packed issue but had enough going on in it to keep me interested, 7/10 blasters.