I know I had planned to write reviews for each episode for Rebels as they came out but unfortunately because my writing staff here at the site consists of me and my cat I’m usually busy trying to keep other things posted like the ToyFair stuff or the comic reviews.

Updated  6/15/16

So… to make up for the missing reviews of Rebels I’m going to try to start catching up with Season 2’s reviews starting from the first hour long episode Seige of Lothal until the two part season finale “Twilight of the apprentice”.

So after some time to reflect on the season I think i’m going to go through an episode or two a week giving my thoughts and opinions on the execution of the second season… heck I may pop in season 1’s blu-ray and review it to.. Either way this will be one of my many Summer Star Wars projects to hold me over until Force Friday.

Season 2 :

Episodes 1-2 : Siege of Lothal

Episode 3: The Lost Commanders

Episode 4: Relics of the Old Republic

Episode 5: Always Two there Are

Episode 6: Brothers of the Broken Horn

Episode 7: Wings of the Master

Episode 8: Stealth Strike

Episode 9: Blood Sisters

Episode 10: Future of the Force

Episode 11: Legacy

Episode 12: A Princess on Lothal

Episode 13: The Protector of Concord Dawn

Episode 14: Legends of the Lasat

Episode 15: The Call

Episode 16: Homecoming

Episode 17: The Honorable Ones

Episode 18: Shroud of Darkness

Episode 19: Forgotten Droid

Episode 20: Mystery of Chopper Base

Episode 21: Twilight of the Apprentice Part 1

Episode 22: Twilight of the Apprentice Part 1