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Rants about the Galaxy far far away.

Galactic Trading Post Space Walls

So if you’re more in the know in Star Wars collecting you may have heard mention or seen (or in my case own) a set of Galactic Trading Posts Space Walls.

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Podcast# 18


FF2 logo

The guys discuss their Force Friday 2 hauls as well as what they are excited to see from Hasbro and other toymakers for the galaxy far far away.


As well as the sad recent news about ToysR’Us’s financial woes, come join us!


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Dejarik Table, podcast #17,

The trio are back one more time just before Force Friday to talk about recent Hasbro product leaks and what they are on the hunt for this coming September the 1st!

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SDCC reveals, reactions and more in Ep. #16!

We look back at this years San Diego Comic Con reveals from Hasbro and other Star Wars toy makers with our 16th episode.

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How Cancelled Plans Turned a Bad Day Into An Epic Toy Run

by Eric J Berry

Last Thursday I had taken off work as I was planning to take a lengthy drive that would be 3 hours long round trip. I invited a friend along who had off work on Thursdays since it would be boring to go alone. Long story short, the errand was not able to happen which left us with an entire day and nothing to do. I had a return to make at Gamestop so we headed out not knowing that this day was going to be a toy run of epic proportions.

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A picture is worth a thousand…~kzzzzt… Target! maximum firepower!

For those of you who don’t bother to listen to our podcast, our very own George Kostal and owner of the Twitter handle @Veerswatch a handle that follows General Veers appearances in the new Star Wars canon (hint there aren’t any yet) got to meet his real life search goal. In this case Julian Glover aka General Veers.

Finding Veers

I haven’t spoken to George as of yet as to the story of this recent pic (notice the Veers Watch shirt). But rest assured we’ll get to the bottom of this heheheheh.

Podcast# 15


This month Erik, George and Matt talk about the recent shortages of the 40th anniv 6″ line and the upcoming wants for the 2018 Vintage Collections return.


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The Dr. Aphra series.

So I’ve been reading the Dr. Aphra series…

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40 Years and the cake is still fresh…

The 40th anniversary episode. Matt and George talk about their memorable parts of the fandom leading up to May 25th.

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