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Podcast# 27 – NYCC Star Wars reveals Part 1!

The guys are back (in two separate parts this time) to discuss the recent reveals of Star Wars action figure offerings.

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Podcast #26 George and Matt, oh my!

Recorded on September 23rd-ish this is the first podcast to be posted here since #22, the rest are found on our YouTube Channel. We didn’t want to spam the frontpage and get Eric’s campaign funding posts knocked down the page too soon.

George and Matt discuss the recent gets prior to NYCC and the newest Star Wars action figure finds this month.

As always you can find George @Veerwatch and Matt @Rezikai

Send us an email at or leave a comment on the video here or at our YouTube page.

Podcast #22 2018 Toy Fair Goodness!

This month the guys talk about the Solo trailer debuted at the super bowl. As well as the 2018 international Toy Fair where Hasbro along with many other Star Wars toymakers debuted first glimpses of upcoming toy products.

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Podcast #21 The Last Jedi Round up!

The fellas return after a purposely timed delay for The Last Jedi thoughts and review in this double length episode.

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Episode #20!

Episode 20! The guys discuss Battlefront II, the Brian Johnson stand alone trilogy along with our normal toy discussion and more on this episode!

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The Last Jedi Trailer! Oh and the guys recorded.

The guys are back with their takes on The Last Jedi trailer, NYCC reveals and more.

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Galactic Trading Post Space Walls

So if you’re more in the know in Star Wars collecting you may have heard mention or seen (or in my case own) a set of Galactic Trading Posts Space Walls.

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Podcast# 18


FF2 logo

The guys discuss their Force Friday 2 hauls as well as what they are excited to see from Hasbro and other toymakers for the galaxy far far away.


As well as the sad recent news about ToysR’Us’s financial woes, come join us!


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Dejarik Table, podcast #17,

The trio are back one more time just before Force Friday to talk about recent Hasbro product leaks and what they are on the hunt for this coming September the 1st!

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