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The Dr. Aphra series.

So I’ve been reading the Dr. Aphra series…

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Darth Vader #25 The Great Finale

The final hurrah of the famed Darth Vader!


Ok not really, but it is the final issue for his self-title comic book. It’s been over a week thinking of me sitting at my screen trying to figure out what to write to really sum up my feelings for what was my favorite title in the Star Wars comics lines.

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Han Solo #4


The game is afoot!

The dragon void run has taken a sinister turn for our favorite nerf herder and his trusty 1st mate Chewbacca. This month Han Solo really has to start using his noggin when it comes to his decision making about saving alliance spies and the way the race is being ran.

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Star Wars… somewhere in the 20s

Look I keep telling you, I’m going to stop reviewing this title. It is inevitable.. it is my destiny…. to get the hell away from this … this crud. I mean seriously guys I know it’s fun to play in the Star Wars universe but have some respect for the material.


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Poe Dameron #6

Ah back to the future! No no the franchise the timeline of Star Wars as we re-enter the Sequel Trilogy era with the Poe Dameron comic, issue 6 to be precise. No unwanted creepy Gouhlie-fairy things here an-… oh wait… AAAAH. They are creepy gouhlie looking fairy things! -gets a fly swatter-

#6 Plate.jpg

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Han Solo #3

Back again is the lovable rogue and his trustee co-pilot wookiee along with a rebel spy who needs to get to safety before becoming dead like many others in the Alliance network.


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Star Wa-… what? …sighs…#22…

If you hadn’t guessed by my lackluster title to this review I’ve not been  fan of the main Star Wars line for some time (say around the start of the Rebel Jail arc) however I gave them a chance to make Star Wars more then just fan-service drivel that’s only being written to show fanboy dreams that in their minds would sell more books…

#22 plate

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Poe Dameron #5

Whos House? Grakkus’ hooouse…. Whos Hooouse? Grakkus’ hooooooouse.

#5 headerplate

Can I ask what is up with all the prisons in the recent Star Wars comic books? First the Mainline STAR WARS spends like 3-4 issues at one and now Poe and co. are in their second issue at the prison colony where Grakkus the Hutt has been kept for so long as a prisoner since the Empire days.

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Darth Vader #24. Nothing is impossible for the Force.

We return to the Dark Lord of the Sith now shut down on the bridge of the Executor as one of the worst dressed villains in the Star Wars universe uses his ace in the hole. The off-switch.

An off switch you say?

#24 off switch Yes an off switch. Seems the Lt. Commander shares a unique piece of hardware with our favorite Dark Lord.

Front Plate #24.jpg

Now, I was sure the situation was only a temporary one… (reads ahead) … whew.. I was right.

So how does this all happen?

Well lets go back kids… didleeloo-didleeloo ~~~~~

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