Dejarik Table

Rants about the Galaxy far far away.



Dejarik Table #11..ish?

ToyFair 2017 has come and went and the three of us are still trying to figure out what we just saw…

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Rogue One Trailer #2!

So I sat up watching the Olympics last night waiting for the Rogue One trailer. I was half watching them anyways as I’m a sports guy as well as a Star Wars nerd. Meh eclectic tastes is something about me. Anywho enough about me….. ZOMGWTFBBQ!  New Rogue One Traileeeerrrrrr!!!!

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Rogue One at Celebration!

Theres tons of concept art and the celebration reel at youtube found here:

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Some info about Rogue One from EW.

EW spread header

So if you were under a rock somewhere in the last week and a half you may have missed that Entertainment Weekly did a spread on the new Star Wars film titled “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” . Shaking my head at the name change from the word anthology aside the article goes more in depth into the characters of the new film set prior to the event of Episode IV “A New Hope” and a better title hook! hehe.

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False Hope and why I won’t ever remain Spoiler free again.

So as many have seen I’ve posted spoilery images on this site regaring Rogue One and Episode VIII. I do this for a myriad of reasons none of the least is wanting to make sure I’m not wasting money on the outrageous prices movie theater prices and concessions cost. Even though I am a can-in-coat pocket guy…. *coughs*.

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Life Sized Falcon’s and mini Rey’s… how’s she going to reach the hyperdrive?

So this week had quite a bit of fun things going on. We had some spy pics from… well to be honest I can’t remember who originally took the drone pics because by the time I seen them they were all over the internet. I am going to just credit Making Star Wars because I happened to be listening to them as I write this piece.

Now with that solid out of the way the Falcon…


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Hasbro Pulse starts something great.

Hasbro Pulse diorama announcement

Friends and consumers of Hasbro toys have been making diorama’s and photonovels with their playsets and action figures for decades. However last year Hasbro launched it’s focus section of their site called Hasbro Pulse. Giving insight and news to upcoming products and behind the scenes looks at former and current workings of different franchises under it’s banner such as Transformers, GiJoe and especially my beloved Star Wars.

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Rogue One Teaser Trailer

Finally. Finally we return to the OT era, not the PT not the new ST. The OT. Damn it why am I an old man now that this has returned. Well guess I’ll just have to fork over a few paychecks to whatever toys they make of it and do so gladly. 🙂

More screen capture and some quick thoughts  below…

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Rogue One Teaser tomorrow on GMA

If you read about Star Wars online then you know that Lucasfilm has revealed an 11 second teaser to coincide with a trailer that’s supposed to air tomorrow during Good Morning America…

a show I have never watched as the demons of sleep will never ever allow me ever EVER to wake up prior to near 11AM… and pity the poor soul who tries to wake me before that…

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