So I found a 2nd Vintage Collection Jyn Erso figure and opened it (Exacto knife saves the cardback hehe). Mostly I wanted to check this out since my post last month about her. I have doubles of the other Vintage collection figures as well (except the Hoth Trooper.. damn scalpers) So I wanted to make sure I wasn’t insane looking at her through the bubble.



To me it seems her shirt is a darker muted grey-blue. Pics below (Black Series on the Right, Vintage Collection on the Left in all pics)

To my surprise it does have a different version of the blasters’ holster that’s not attached to the strap on her leg (see pics).

Also I found a small/tiny paint app change to the rank square at the bottom right of her jacket. I confirmed it with my other 2 Rogue One 3.75 Walmart black series figures. I’m not sure if the red square counts as a total change from the BS one, but I’m sure the holster does.


April 29, 2018