For those of you waiting for the first wave of the 2018 Star Wars Vintage Collection to release it seems to be hitting a few weeks early for some areas of the country.


TVC2 Wave 1 thumbs up

It also seems a slight change to one of the characters (not a missing beard) but for the most part they are similar if not exactly the previous releases, except of course for the non-bearded Hoth Trooper.

I received a text this morning from a friend and fellow collector who told me a local grocery chain had stocked the new Vintage Collection early. Well then… time to roll out of bed and head out for it and there they were in their peg filled beauty.

I picked up all six with a few FO army builders as I am one. I was hopping for additional Hoth troopers but couldn’t find any. I’m also unsure of the case assortments for each case aside from knowing there’s only 8 figures per case and by the pegs it looks like one is the First Order trooper for sure.

TVC2 Wave 1

First impressions are good, while I am an opener I do like the vintage styled packaging. I also was pleased that the accessories for Rey were included as the same as her previous Black Series figure including her alternate head, backpack and staff.

Vintage Collection Rey

Rey still has those pesky gloves on though which she only wears while using the goggles-up headwrap that was her 5POA figure on the Rogue One card. A slight disappointment but not totally unsurprising as we saw this previously with the gloves at … some con like a year ago with its prototype Rey MOC moc-up.

I was hoping for an improvment on Rey but I suppose I’ll just have to wait for the “island journey” version with the soft goods poncho that was shown at this years Toyfair.

Vintage Collection Kylo

On to everyone’s favorite Emo Hot Topic Employee Kylo Ren. Kylo looks exactly like the Black Series previous release even with lit and unlit tri-sabre. I can’t really tell if the cloth is a change from the sports jersey material they used in the Black Series so far. I’ll have to get another to find out.

Vintage Collection FO trooper

The First Order Stormie seems to be one of the doubles in each case of 8 that got shipped to stores. I hit multiple stores and found him multiple times. What I like is that the troopers are TFA troopers with the slightly wider duck-mouth then the angry point mouth of the TLJ wave. It’s a small resculpt and most normie collectors and parents buying for kids wouldn’t notice it.  He comes with his pistol and carbine just like the previous Black Series release.

Vintage Collection Snoke

Now on to Snoke the Supreme Leader.

While I have been wondering how the SA version of the figure would work I have the 5POA version and while it’s nice the Vintage version with soft goods screams Hugh Heffner to me and I love it for that.

The figure’s card looks ominous and it should. The gold cloak was always a “weird” choice for a super villain to me but I rolled with it. I am glad to see he’s also on Chewy or Vader level for nearing 4-4.25 inches in height easily higher then any of the First Order troopers or Kylo. Sadly, he comes with 0 accessories aside from his soft goods cloak. A slight disappointment but one I can stomache… more then he could a light saber… zing!

We come to Hoth… Ice planet and one of the main bases of the Rebel Alliance during its’ struggle against the Galactic Empire. Vintage Collection Hoth trooper

The Hoth Rebel Trooper is a re-issue of previous vintage collection 3-9 pack figure if I remember correctly (or a SOTDS 2008) but no he has shaved. Making him more of the clean shaven officer with the Bi-nocs scoping out the Ay-tee-Ay-tee’s… not @@’s you @ss-blasters.

He comes with a removable backpack a blaster as did previous releases of him and now a blaster rifle and a seemingly removable scarf and hat ala the SOTDS version I’ll have to get another so i can open this one and see. However what don’t see is the Shadow of the Dark Side’s artillery remote in the package. So I suppose it had to go. But all in all I’m glad we’re getting him back so I can army build Hoth rebels to make better diorama’s with seeing as I missed much of the original Vintage Collection run.

Now we come to the final figure of the wave, Jyn Erso Sporting her Rogue One card. Jyn may be the most changed figure from a recent release as her recent 2016 Black Series release is still very fresh in our minds and some more backwater Walmart shelves.

Vintage Collection Jyn Erso

Jyn’s shirt has a slight paint app change to a darker shade of blue more in line with her movie look. Also it seems a mold change has happened to her leg.

Previously her gun holster’s lower strap was molded into her leg making it possible to rip off if the thigh twist articulation was turned to far.

TVC2 Jyn in hand MOC BS version


However in the new iteration of Jyn Erso in her Vintage collection look Hasbro seems to have remedied this by moving the holster up her thigh away from the lower strap no longer connecting it.

TVC2 Jyn in hand MOC

Unfortunately my pictures don’t do the sculpt justice but seeing as these just hit the shelves I’ll have to get another to open to be sure.

Jyn comes with the same tri-piece pistol/rifle that the Black Series version came with but no other accessories sadly. Nor has the lack of wrist articulation been added from that release. I’m slightly disappointed in the articulation missing but what baffles me is that we couldn’t get some accessory for the Death Star Plans? A small case showing the data tape? What’s more annoying is the 5POA Jyn Erso from Jedha came with the scarf hood which was made of soft plastic. I use an extra one on my Black Series Jyn, yet no such luck was found with Jyn this time… and this is a sad thing.

The Vintage collection was priced at $14.99+sales tax. $15 for a star wars r-release and we couldn’t get a small soft-plastic hoodscarf that’s already been tooled up in the correct scale? (Notice it on the left below) no-headwrap-jyn-bs.jpg

It’s more then a little annoying to miss out on accessories. It also would have given collectors a reason to pick up this new version of Jyn from being too similar to the recent Black Series version. Lets hope future waves don’t make this mistake. All in all I’m excited the Vintage collection figures are hitting and hopefully continue for some time to come.




March 25, 2018