This month the guys talk about the Solo trailer debuted at the super bowl. As well as the 2018 international Toy Fair where Hasbro along with many other Star Wars toymakers debuted first glimpses of upcoming toy products.

From Hasbro’s 5POA lines for Solo and its upcoming Vintage Collections return for super articulated figures to the Imperial Assault tank (I still call it the Hover tank!) to Uncle Milton’s skeletal awesomeness. This episode is a large one.

One product in particular that captured our collectors thirsts in the size of a 4″ Sail Barge. #Backthebarge. The announcement came out of the blue from Hasbro and started off a 45 day kickstarter-esque campaign for 5000 units at $500 each which at the time of writing this has 32 days left. While its unusual as collectors all 3 of us want this to happen to open the door for future products from Hasbro’s HasLab.

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