The fellas return after a purposely timed delay for The Last Jedi thoughts and review in this double length episode.

The Last Jedi may well the most controversial film in the Star Wars franchise, it certainly sparked the kind of passionate love and hatred we hadn’t seen since the prequels. I’m not saying that’s good or bad as in today’s society we as a people are much more emotionally charged due to social media’s influence on our self psyche and creating an instant need for justification or gratification in our own thoughts and emotions.

I personally wasn’t a fan of TLJ, but I know friends who’s kids loved it and in turn that meant they loved it to. I also had some friends who hated it so much it’s ended their time seeing future Star Wars movies. After seeing both sides I’d say there is something to be said for going the middle of the road and staying  a “little boring” when creating chapters of a modern mythos.

But hey what do I know.


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