Hey folks, its been a while I know. I quit reviewing the main Star Wars title around issue #25ish? Well being the miserable person that I am I decided after a year to pick it back up, and I’m glad I did.


#40 cover


Originally when I dropped this title, I just felt the book was veering off from what core themes made the Star Wars story great while the character building (or deconstructing) was too abrasive in my opinion. Then Kieron Gillen took over the writing position and Larroca from the Darth Vader series was going to be the consistent artist. Teaming up the Darth Vader crew again. So I decided to give it a new chance and wow I’m glad I did. Larrocca was something I had missed since Darth Vader’s title ended (he didn’t shift to the Dr. Aphra title as far as I know) and the writing in the main Star Wars title was much more… muted… I guess is the closest word to describe what was needed to “right the ship” of the main Star Wars title.

Gratuitous fan service was replaced by subtle fan service. Bumbling heroes were now competent yet not over powered and from being angry message and justice givers now are more reserved in their assessment of the situations and let actions speak for themselves.

I really enjoyed the last few issues starting from around issue #38 with the “Ashes of Jedha” story arc. I must say I was surprised I took a look at the cover and it says Jason Aaron wrote the issue. Then after reading it I looked back and saw Kieron Gillen was credited on the interior scroll page. But after the way the story read I assumed Gillen was indeed the writer as the story wasn’t the fast paced chuckle and buckle stories and dialogue that I had seen from the previous Star Wars issues.

This issue was the essence of original Star Wars, fighting and helping muted and cold villains “Hail Queen Trios!” .. ahem.  Aliens and dark dusty areas and force worshipers some of whom were seen in Rogue One… nice touch.

I guess I’ll keep getting the main Star Wars main title as long as it stays along this path, maybe not being so dark as it is with Two-Tubes’ brother killing even the minor technicians in cold blood but so it could have many lighter moments but just so long as it’s not slapstick. It reminds me too much of Episode 1 when they do that.. once in a while with the droids or maybe the Han-Chewie buddy moment but again subtle with them.

overall I’m glad to be back 7/10.


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