So if you’re more in the know in Star Wars collecting you may have heard mention or seen (or in my case own) a set of Galactic Trading Posts Space Walls.

I was skeptical at first as I’ve seen and purchased other diorama pieces from other places like our very own Raylen (Eric Berry) here at Dejariktable. But the GTP premise that these were mold injected not 3D printed was intriguing. Raylen himself makes Imperial and Tantive walls with his resin mold casts from meticulous etching work he does and that alone is a testament to his dedication to the hobby to sell at his site for diorama items like the recent cantina bar and distillery and the Yavin War Table.



The products Eric produces are excellent in and of themselves but to have true mold injected ABS plastic still lingered at the back of my mind.

SpaceWalls 5

I checked out their website about a year ago and saw it was only available for the 6″ figures… whew. Another bullet my wallet dodged. Nothing against the 6″ fans but I’m a 3.75 (1/18th scale) guy. Always have been always will be. So the thought of these professionally done walls slipped my mind until a few months ago.

SpaceWalls 3

I was recording with George ( @VeersWatch) and Raylen ( @jediraylen) for our monthly Star Wars toy discussion when Raylen said he was putting his walls on pause. I asked why and he said that he purchased GTP’s spacewalls. I raised an eyebrow, I know Raylen isn’t a hardcore 6″ Star Wars collector but does occasionally pick them up. At first I figured (pun!) that he was going to used them for the few he had for a display.

SpaceWalls 4

I was only half right. He went on to inform me that GTP recreated the same gorgeous Spacewalls in 3.75 format. My wallet gulped and I went to their website to see that they had released them in the 1/18th scale. I told myself I don’t need them. I could go on with other displays. But after some nudging from Raylen and George I decided to take a plunge and purchase 1 set. About $60-70 with shipping later and a few days transit time I had my set.

Wow, Raylen wasn’t kidding. The first thing that caught my eye was the level of production JUST ON THE BOX. That’s right the cardboard boxes they came in had logo’s and graphics designs and information like a true mass-produced toy. I awed at it a moment before opening the extremely well done box and got into my set.

SpaceWalls 2

I was impressed to say the least. The plastic is strong ABS plastic similar to Lego with tiny details scoured all over the wall designs that are ripped straight from a Death Star. They are able to be held together with small orange clips that allow the sections to be lined up or an “L”  or “V” formation easily with other designs for the walls to be assembled on the box.

I spent a few hours going through each of the designs and testing the durability of the plastic. After such I broke out my camera and took a few shots and I was happy to see the photo’d well. All in all I can say is I’m glad I made the purchase. Thank you GTP for putting out such a fine product.



SpaceWalls 6


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