So I’ve been reading the Dr. Aphra series…

(bonus she won the Hasbro action figure contest) and I have to say the first 6 issues were very well done. I’m not going to review them as I don’t like reviewing a title until it has a few issues under the belt.

#7 cover.jpg

Hence we come to Dr. Aphra issue #7.

Hence I finished Dr. Aphra issue #7 and had to look back at the credits page to make sure it was the same writer I was familiar with from Darth Vader and the previous Aphra issues Kieron Gillen. Because this new Screaming Citadel crossover “Screams” (zing!) cheap and fast money grab for a character who is hot right now so Marvel’s other SW titles can stay afloat.

Readers of Image comic characters in the 90’s like Spawn or Witchblade know this whoring of their characters well, from back then at least. It was a major reason I quit reading comics in the late 90’s. Too many bad attempts to shoe-horn characters where the don’t belong.

So Dr. Aphra issue #7. it’s a different artist with Andrea Broccardo instead the first 6 issues Kev Walker. Kev had a more stylized version of the Dr. Aphra book and while not quite my cup of tea for artwork it was passable. … however in issue #7… well.. it says it has 3 editors on it, we needed one who wasn’t out to lunch when the pages came in. I ¬†used to draw comics to sometimes for a hobby sometimes for a living back in the day and a few of the faces I would have been asked to redo…. Luke and Aphra both look crosseyed on multiple pages so it’s jarring to try and read dialogue when the character looks like they are spead-eyed at the reader.

Some of the other stuff was OK like the evil queen and Aphra’s droids. What really got me disappointed was Gillen’s story. I mean I understand he’s probably working on a few titles now but we JUST got Aphra and Luke away from the rest of the legacy crew and instantly they are back and EXACTLY on cue to be an angry pissed of ex-lover of Han solo and Dr. Aphra is Sana Starros who’s characterization has been criminal, she doesn’t need to be a tough talking hate anyone who wronged her and needs to die ex-bounty-hunter wanting to kill her ex-girlfriend BS. …. fuck who the hell thinks we need that in Star Wars!

Aphra has history with Sana and Solo… sure but running from the ARMY OF CRAZED SOLDIERS WITH A BLOOD LEECHING QUEEN isn’t the time to discuss old family tragedies. It was a great plot point in Vader when Aphra talked about it to the mortician who had hid Padme’s secret birth. It was a quiet and thoughtful scene in the lead up to its climax.

This …. this however… is borderline ugh-tastic and dare I say written almost like drivel. Solo, Leia and Starros working with Beetee and TripleZero? Ugh…. then the “I’m going to kill you again Aphra!” broken record.. from Starros… bleh.. drivel.

I thought I was getting into the Aphra comic to go exploring ancient galactic ruins and civilizations unlocking the mysteries of the galaxy like we “slightly” got in the first 6 issues. Not using the lead mystery character in those issues to set up a cheap money grab by the marvel team to sell more books in an ill-fated crossover that’s already had the main character of her own book treated like an unwanted sock.

This is the asinine crap I read in the main StarWars title which is why I dropped it. I’ll give Gillen a pass since I know he can do better work, which is the ONLY reason I stayed my hatred for this comic’s review because normally I’d rip the entire team for this lame and shameless tactic to sell more books…

Lets make sure we let it go down the main SW title’s path.