Last time I wrote here was the final issue of Darth Vader’s review. That was… 3 months ago? Well the Holidays are a fun and horrific time and such is how my life is during the Christmas rush as a retail worker /blech. We return to the table to discuss Rogue One and new toys with episode 10.

So, if you wondered where I was… no I was not dead…. oh how I wish sometimes. Lots has happened in the last few months. Rogue One has come out, we lost a princess and a queen. So with this cast we say goodbye to all these things from 2016.

Eventually i’ll catch up some of the comic reviews but not every issue of every title like before. I’ll actually be focusing more on what this site was set up for… Action Figures! /kermit flail!

So with all this said thank you for listening!


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