The game is afoot!

The dragon void run has taken a sinister turn for our favorite nerf herder and his trusty 1st mate Chewbacca. This month Han Solo really has to start using his noggin when it comes to his decision making about saving alliance spies and the way the race is being ran.

While in the last pitstop (and secret rebel alliance spy pick up) a large cat alien woman jumps on ship that is apparently someone from the alliance that has a real axe to grind with Chewie and Han especially Chewie. Seems shes got a sore spot for the last encounter the trio had that left her pet Rathtar dead and she couldn’t pay off her bribes to powerful people. Hence she had some penances to clear and it really cheezed her off. Then the little duros guy who’s part of the spy network Han and Chewie are trying to rescue pulls out a blaster rifle.


So Han Chewie the others are mouthing at each other about the past when the pair of female Twi’lek pilots enter with pistols drawn making the six of them stuck in an old fashioned Tatooine standoff.4-a

Well it all calms down because the Twi’Leks brought Lady Loo, the ancient racer with them and have the small duros guy and the large cat-woman put their guns down. The cat lady makes a pretty snide remark towards one of the Twi’Lek pilots and it kind of upsets Han and he throws them off the ship but not before talking to Lady Loo.4-b

They have a heartfelt chat where she talks about her people and that little light glowy thing that liked Han called his “witness”. Then she leaves and Han returns to the Falcon to see Chewie, cat-lady, Duros guy hanging out drinking. They all made up apparently and are ready to go when cat-woman tells Han other rebel spies are coming here since it seems the plan was compromised.

Han’s iffy about it but sure enough a pair of rebels escaping an imperial patrol on a speeder are heading towards the Falcon and they’re coming in hot! Han’s guns are a bit hotter though and blasts the imperial Rhino tank sending the crew to ashes and rescuing the pair of rebel spies. A female Faleen and a young Devorian man.


So Han and brings the pair aboard but are skeptical of the situation. He asks who sent them to the planet instead of the next planet’s arrange pick up and the woman replies it was “Your Worshipfulness”. Han gets the tip realizing only a pair of people, Leia and Luke have heard him call her that.

While on the ship the female spy is the same body guard from the planet U’il the female who was apparently the one to protect the rebel spy the young man.

So they take the pair aboard and get off the ground to continue the race and just as they are speeding away tie fighters swoop in to try and stop them… silly tie fighters haven’t they learned the Falcon has Plot armor?

So our hero’s crew jumps into hyperspace to follow the others racers but when they come out the Falcon and the other racing vessels are smack in the middle of an Imperial blockade.. dun dun dun. 4-d

Then as the Faleen, duros the cat woman Han and Chewie are trying to figure out what to do the issue ends with the recently picked up young devorian man’s body laying around the corner of one of the Falcon’s hallways… implying one of the people on board is a spy! DunDunDUN!!!

Overall this issue was fine with great artwork and decent story and pacing. The death of the devorian guy so quickly was a bit jarring but if someone had to go i’d want it to be him.

easily 8 of 10 rifles.