Look I keep telling you, I’m going to stop reviewing this title. It is inevitable.. it is my destiny…. to get the hell away from this … this crud. I mean seriously guys I know it’s fun to play in the Star Wars universe but have some respect for the material.


I’ve been overly harsh with the Star Wars title, purposely so. Why? Because its the STAR WARS title.. it’s not mutant-team-alpha-6. Or X-whatever… it’s better then both IMO and it has a real sense of adventure and grounding that made it a timeless movie (with help from Kurosawa, Campbell’s ring theory/heroes journey and old 30’s serials mixed in)

But when it comes down to it we don’t know how long this Renaissance of Star Wars will last and we should damn well do the best jobs possible to make sure we use the time we have to do the best job possible and maybe some of it will stand the test of time.

I was afraid of the complacency and mediocrity that hindered the original Vintage Star Wars comics from Marvel in the 70’s and 80’s and for the most part I was pleasantly surprised that most who work Star Wars try and take it with grains of salt that while it’s meant for kids these kids are watching grown-ups. Doing their best to tell a compelling story with humor and action maybe a little drama and a pinch of romance

So why do I critisize the the main SW line so much? Because I love it is why. Because Star Wars brought the world new and innovative wrapped in traditional and recognizable. It was a familiar to our senses and ideas while giving us a new galaxy to explore and a grand epic to watch.

So.. with all that said I’m going to say I read issue #25. But I’m going to be light on my review. I’ve turned a new leaf for the main Star Wars line and have decided to just put the cover, scroll and maybe 1 interior. Should a future issue blow me away with greatness I’ll make a longer review at that later date. So.. without further delay…

Star Wars issue #25


We pick up with a flashback of the midpoint of issue #24 where the legendary trio and a cast and crew of others steal an imperial star destroyer. Now that it’s in their hands they are for some dumb reason arguing over who is the captain of this big honkin’ ship.


Stuff happens and Han and Leia go on a teenage kids race while ya know the rest of the crew including Luke and Sana are working on the dam ship trying to keep the place from falling apart… F-in Han is a 30yr old man why is he racing a 20-21 year old college girl? Sana has a reason… -smh-

So Luke’s walking around with a stormie helmet, when he and Sana go out to meet a ship that was seen (around the time they were going to meet a ship with a rebel admiral) and surprise! It’s a Trap!

During the ensuing space battle a ship secretly docks onto the stolen ISD. Revealing the storm special forces from Kreel’s crew.


Thats it,… there’s some boy-girl dialogue with Han and Leia and a flashback with Mon Mothma and Ackbar approving the mission to break an imperial blockade so they were going to use the ISD for that…. instead of making it a new capital ship/base for them to use… /forehead.

So… there ya go. Seems logistics is lost on the rebellion so heck.. why not? /smh. Kreel comes back into this issue and his POTF2 crew of buff ass stormtroopers are back to kick some arse but as we know they don’t kill the main characters but who knows.. I’d hate to see Sana die without too much more background given seeing as she’s Aphra’s ex and I wanted to see her written as something more then the angry ex of Han Solo…. eh…/shrugs.

So over all I say if you like the main Star Wars line you’ll like this issue. I have spoken my peace on it and will just let it go.