But yet so far…

Had them in my hand and decided to try and be sneaky and use the self checkout,… nope restricted.

I’m never a fan of the U-Wing but I was thinking of giving it a shot, but guess I’ll keep my money until its on clearance in the spring lol.

So the last 2 weeks have been pretty dry when it comes to comics and figures, I finished almost my entire TFA 5POA collection save for Ackbar, Tasu Leech and FN-2187. But they’ll turn up. I finished the SA 3.75 line with Phasma, Han and Leia months ago and am just waiting on more. What’s that you say? Collect 6″ figures? Please… I’m a grown manchild.

I will admit I picked up a few, Kanan and Rey and Ahsoka, I plan to get Slave Leia regular Leia and Hera to so Kanan can have his harem heh. Sick I know, but hey that’s what you get when anime in Japan mostly turns to school harem slice of lifes!

Ahem aside from well drawn women the Fall- Columbus Toyshow was last Sunday but I didn’t many pictures. Mostly because I’m broke as a joke and didn’t have much moolah to get anything good.¬†cts-toyshow-9-11-16

Found some carded Imperial army builders (Shout Out to James from BIG FUN on Highstreet for giving me a deal) and some loose army builders and a POTF2 detention block set. … No i don’t usually collect Vintage Star Wars,.. Yes I know the modern isn’t worth much of anything… NO I don’t care I’m throwing money away.. its my fandom and I’ll wallow in it if I want to. Saw the SDCC Jyn Erso and some other BS figures pictured here but aside from that I saw some Star Wars and TONS of Ninja Turtles stuff… I guess everyone banked on Mich-el.. Ba .Bays.. secon.. d movie.. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHA! Did you really think the 2nd one would be any good ?! What the hell Playmates!? sighs…

My buddy got the new Lego Death Star, he had to sign up for the VIP program but just a small form and $500 (yes that what it costs) we took home our very own 2016 updated Lego Deathstar.


It was heavy just carrying it to the car, I should know since I did the carrying. We got it to his house and just the instruction book alone was a work of art in and of itself.

Later we pulled it open and it had so many bags we decided to start on it another day… another day.



So aside from that another Dejariktable podcast was recorded¬†with Me and Eric (Raylen) Berry from Holeinthegroundpro.com and should be up sometime this week once the editing is done.We discuss the leaks of Rogue One merch like above.. and all the new stuff we’ve been seeing coming out so far in 5POA and SA…. ugh I need to get away from 3AM articles.. I’m sure I typpo’d plently of wrods above.