Ah back to the future! No no the franchise the timeline of Star Wars as we re-enter the Sequel Trilogy era with the Poe Dameron comic, issue 6 to be precise. No unwanted creepy Gouhlie-fairy things here an-… oh wait… AAAAH. They are creepy gouhlie looking fairy things! -gets a fly swatter-

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We pick up about where we left off from the last issue. The rioting prisoners getting closer to overtaking our heros of Black Squadron: Poe Dameron, Kare-something, Fat-Wexley, Jess Pava, Atsy’s Uncle the Duros who tried to mack on Poe’s mom back at Endor. #6 A.jpg

As for my favorite character of the series Agent Terex he’s making his way out of the prison readying for his chance to double cross Grakkus the Hutt. Back on the floating station above the penal planet this is all going on at BB-8 and his squad of R2 and R4’s are on a peril filled mission to get their pilot friends from Black Squadron off the planet before they’re killed.

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The Droids are able to outwit the penal satellites’ security droid and turn off the gravity balancing field that keeps the x10 gravity in balance to allow people to move on the planet. This part gets a little confusing because even though they turn it off, apparently they re-direct it onto Poe and his Black Squadron only? Eh.. was a little to Star-Trekkie for me guys with that one. Isn’t that right Mr. Data?

#24 off switch

So Poe and his friends grab Grakkus and run while Terex and the other gang leaders are stuck squished to the planet by their own weight.

Until Terex’s ship the Carrion Spike shows up to get its cargo droid to pull Terex within its own gravity field and he’s able to take off, after letting the gang leaders know that since Poe escaped with Grakkus he won’t be needing any of their services after all and they can be squished by the gravity. #6 C.jpg

He takes off and after Poe who’s been chatting with the Twi-lek warden up on the penal stations control satellite and they agree to let them go, with a shuttle for keeping it all hushed. Well then Terex shows up and rams the satellite taking it offline and probably unable to get the gravity balance field back up before all the prisoners are squished to death…. sucks to be those poor bastards. The Twi-lek sends down shuttles to the planet to try and rescue the prisoners but Terex decides to start destroying them on his way up for betraying him. Grakkus tells Poe to leave them but he’s not having it.

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Poe and his crew take on the Carrion Spike with Terex in a rage at their arrogance. But since they outnumbered and outgunned him it wasn’t much of a challenge as they pummel the Spike until Terex reluctantly lets them go..lol… lets them go he says.

So Poe makes it back to resistance HQ where he meets with General Leia and reports. Where they discuss how Terex beat them to the penal colony.


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Soule’s hinting at a possible spy or mole.. ugh please don’t be Kare… shes the only one aside from the Duros not in TFA and I’d hate it to be someone that easily picked out.

Back on the Carrion Spike Terex talks to Phasma about the failure at Megalox and gets pissy about it. Understandably so.. and thats where the issue ends. Not bad at all story wise I must say tho the gravity beam things was a little too sci-fi and not as much fantasy for my tastes. Over all a solid read 8.5 of 10 rifles.