Back again is the lovable rogue and his trustee co-pilot wookiee along with a rebel spy who needs to get to safety before becoming dead like many others in the Alliance network.


Yes.. I know i’m over a week late.. but its late summer and the later it gets in this god awful heat the lazier i get.. and since it’s around 283 degrees i’m going to be extra lazy and do a quick review and thoughts and then remember that the new Poe came out today which I wont get until Friday… if you’re lucky i’ll post about it and the Columbus Toy Show on Monday.. bleh!


Anywho we pick this story back up a little while after the end of the previous issue where Han and the others were being detained by an Imperial officer. Which by the way I noticed this artist likes the Empire side as he highlighted the Imperial officer in a few panels rather then just in the background. Nice!


However this issue didn’t have a huge amount of depth for the story. It hints at some of it… anyways…

The race sponsors get the local imperial officer to allow the race to continue and lets Han and the rest go free to finish the race making an off-hand remark about Loo Re Anno, being the last of her race… remember kids… this is comics way of foreshadowing!


Eventually the pilots start the race again and start getting pummeled by in-space obstacles. All the while the Rebel agent a Duros looking guy is cursing Han for continuing the race when he should have dropped out and came down from full speed during the 12 hour speed endurance part of the race. Eh.. that’s cool I guess seeing Han decide to … finish the race and work on the spy escape plan.


The Spy himself tells Han and Chewie that there is a mole somewhere in the Alliance because others in the network were slain and it it MUST mean that instead of someone turning traitor it must be a double agent? Errr that part was slightly confusing but what’eves.


During the last leg of the speed race Han hits some debris and is going to be disqualified for slowing down but the blue skinned guy from the previous issues that played the role as an antagonist so far shoots him a tow line and keeps the Falcon moving through the last leg of the endurance part of the race. Nice.. a former enemy now kind of a friend…(again kids foreshadowing)



Anyways Han and company finish the speed endurance part and land on the next planet to refuel while there Han has to get off the Falcon and find the contact who has the next rebel spy to pick up and run with. So Han meets the agent and he comes on the Falcon …

Then suddenly! It’s a giant cat guy! Yay! I forget their species name.. but he’s none too happy to see Chewbacca. Then the issue ends abruptly.22-f

So I’m liking it so far, but I was a bit worried the two good looking twi’lek pilot girls didn’t make it through the obstacle field, which would suck..

Star Wars needs more hot girls, sure normal girls are fine but some occasional eye-candy helps.


The pencils by Brooks were fan-tabulous, as we the colors by Oback, they really complimented each other and make the whole thing pop with Vine’s inks. All together an easy 8 of 10 rifles.