Whos House? Grakkus’ hooouse…. Whos Hooouse? Grakkus’ hooooooouse.

#5 headerplate

Can I ask what is up with all the prisons in the recent Star Wars comic books? First the Mainline STAR WARS spends like 3-4 issues at one and now Poe and co. are in their second issue at the prison colony where Grakkus the Hutt has been kept for so long as a prisoner since the Empire days.

#5 Front Page

So I’m going to make this one a quickie even though the actual issue deserves better. We return to the penal colony where Grakkus the Hutt is being held. As per the last scene of issue #4 we see that Agent Terex of the First Order has been licensed out as a special forces agent to get to Grakkus to find the whereabouts of Lor San Tekka before the Resistance does.

#5 Scroll

Well as we remember Grakkus tells each man he doesn’t care who he gives the info to but whoever it is has to get him out of the prison colony first. Poe’s cool with it and heads back to his squad however Terex takes it a bit personal. Seems he and Grakkus were in co-hoots earlier and he had planned to be the one and only one to get the information from Grakkus.

#5 A

So Terex tells some of his fellow shady underworld companions that unfortunately Grakkus will have to die changing the plan by bringing in these meddling kids and their little droid to!#5 B

All we need is for Poe and Kare  (i don’t care if shes with fatstack Snap, Poe gets the GIRL!) to wander off while Shaggy (Snap) and Velma (Jess) and their dog BB8 go wander off somewhere else…. oh BB8 isn’t with them?

#5 C

Hmm well the Duros will be Shaggy then and Snap gets Scoobie’s place.

Ahem.. anyways. So Terex leaves the compound and walks through the mass of rioting prisoners like a muth-fuckin’ boss.

#5 D

While black squadron are trying to help Grakkus’ guards fend off the gates to the compound. Poe radios up to BB who with the help of  a newly formed D-squad from Black Squadrons Astromechs starts about getting them out with Grakkus in some strange plan they’ve cooked up.

#5 E

Well the Prison security doesn’t take well to droids messing with their stuff and try and blast them but the droids get away. However a big security droid finds them and starts crunching the little astromechs.

#5 F

Seems Poe and his crew may not be able to depend on BB8 as much as the kids did on Scooby finding a Scooby snack…. ugh ok even I know that know that one was terrible.. but c’mon guys I’m trying here.. I got 2 more yards to mow and its like 90+ degrees outside and all I have to wear is black polos…. yes I know… i don’t care.

#5 G

Oh um… eh 7 of 10 rifles….i guess… dam It’s f-in hot… dam I wish i had paid those guys on the back of the truck with gardening tools to mow my lawn for $20 bucks when they drove past my house a few days ago….

See ya next issue guys!

-A melting Rez.