Vader’s journey to redemption in the eyes of Palpatine has taken a slight detour…

#23 frontplate


#23 scroll

However is the poor old defenseless Emperor going to defend himself? pffff.

We open issue 23 where we left off with issue 22. The Executor being high jacked while in drydock and Tagge and his crew knocked unconscious due to Cylo’s recently departed stooge Voidgazer. Cylo and Morit board the bridge and take it over while Vader is on the hull of the huge vessel trying to get inside. #23 A

We get to see a bit of Aphra this issue and that’s ALWAYS a good thing and when we first see her she’s recovering from the knockout gas and—. wh.. what the hell.. Aphra’s beautiful backside!

#23 BMy word… so many bad thoughts. Ahem…

So Aphra and the droids wake the wookie bounty hunter Black Krrsantan and decide that if Cylos’ going to try and make a run with the Executor they’ll need to go someplace they can survive…. aka the Emperor’s chambers… *coughs*#23 C


So the four of them are slugging it out with Cylo’s remaining troops from the previous campaign against Queen Trios.

While that’s going on Vader and Morit are dueling it out on the hull of the Executor. Vader gaining the upper hand by slicing off the end of one of Morit’s boot jets causing him to land awkwardly on the edge of the Executor… which gives Vader the opportune time to force blast him off the edge sending him deep into the void drifting albeit he’s in a space suit so we’ll see if he ever makes a come back.


#23 D

Later the troops stop attacking Aphra and Krrsantan and the droids and fall back as Vader reaches the bridge where Cylo and he have some small conversation. #23 E

Cylo uses this ultimate button thing we are to think is a self destruct but instead does something much… much worse… it seems decades earlier Palpatine enlisted Cylo into helping him recreate Vader’s cybernetic body and like an old IG-88 EU story Cylo made a remote off-switch to shut down the dark lords body… #23 F

That’s how this issue ends.. with Vader slumped over and Cylo goading him like a child. I’m sure we all suspect it wont last long since Vader while needing the cybernetic body can last a little while without it and has the force to pull/grab/choke that fool. So I highly suspect Vader will next issue… #24… the series ends at #25 and dam… the ride has been great.

Kudos to Larroca, Delgado and Gillen for the fantastic journey of the Dark Lords return to greatness the cast of awesome Aphra and droids and even the others that bowed out too early… ala Inspector Thanoth. 8 of 10 rifles…