The Galaxy leaps into 1995!#21 Plater

#21 Scroll

So we pick this issue up in a one off set some time after the horrid Rebel Jail arc. I won’t go into that mess but I will talk about something I thought I was going to hate but have soft end to a very-much-dislike so far regarding the roided out stormtroopers from the Power of the Force 2 from 1995 getting their own issue… wait whats that? #21 A

These aren’t the roided out action figures from 1995 in their own issue of Star Wars? Eh… well then I’ll read it and see what its about maybe its not terri-… hmmm…. *reads more*… hmmm…..

Well now. So where to begin?

#21 B

We open the issue with the scroll telling us Sgt. Kreel, the “Gamemaster” from the Nar-Shadda arc where Graxxus kidnapped Luke is now back in Imperial service and now owner of a new commision to lead a super trooper assault team Scar Squadron much akin to the Empire’s version of the Navy Seals.

After the scroll we start a short narration of what we assume is Kreel talking about his early life watching people die, overtop the dialogue of the real time comments of the assault shuttles crew/gunners as they bring down a rebel transport ship.

#21 C

Kreel talks about his life growing up in the fighting pits (reminds me of the second sons’ leader from Game of Thrones) and his entire home world revolved around them, the rich watched as the poor slaughtered each other to stay alive. Then he talks about his first time seeing a stormtrooper. To him it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen…. *snif*(i know brother.. i know).

Kreel’s team gets a nice splash page showing the seven of them all geared out in spec-forces attire. Plenty of vibroblades and extra modifications to the standard stormtrooper armor. Not to mention they’ve all been pumping iron like no tomorrow… to quote my life’s mentor and aspiration to be,.. Ron Stoppable… “in the future EVERYBODIES RIPPED!”… heh.

#21 D

But seriously .. at first I am taken aback to seeing my 1995 ripped stormtrooper toys now moving and with customized armor like me and my brother did back in the 90’s now in a comic… it’s … strangely familiar…. ahem… anyways.

So Kreel and his team are hunting the survivors of the rebel transport they shot down and get to most of them relatively quickly and dispatch them all with the same relative ease. One rebel escapes and they hunt him down but not before they lock horns with an old Clone Wars era droid tank and nearly loose their speeder bike guy. They all have nicknames like Mic (comm-guy) Shrap (i assume a grenadier) Cav (the scout guy i assume to) Misty (a female name? wearing a poncho she’s the sniper) Zuke (bazooka guy), Aero (a pilot I assume, maybe I got his and Cav’s job mixed meh..) and Finally Sarge… Kreel’s name from the rest of the unit.

So after getting by the droid tank they take to the sewers hunting down to the last few rebel holdouts. All during the fighting Kreel continues his inner narration of how the Empire shut down the fighting pits and gave him a second chance at life. The only thing that I don’t like in the narration is that Kreel uses the word “peace” like Sidious used in ROTS. To me the Sith and Empire brought ORDER rather then peace, a civilized people don’t have to love peace but they have ORDER.#21 D

Ahem.. anyways Scar squad makes it towards the last of the rebel holdouts in the sewers before the droid tank tries to blow its way into the sewers to stop them only to … be… stopped.. by Kreel….. using… one of Graxxus’ light… sabers. … sighs. Those things… ugh.

Anywho, he takes out the droid tank using it and captures the last rebel soldier, a Admiral Sitrep… (will not comment on the analogy used here ahem) #21 E

Anyways Kreel tells the rest of his crew that there’s no need wait to crack into the rebel transports computers as he thinks the Admiral will crack much sooner… he’s right. Torture is a very efficient way of garnering information no matter what bleeding heart non-intelligent analyst tells you. Fear for life makes you think and say anything and everything Fear that you’ll live with what’s continuing to happen to what used to be your face after a blow torch and a pair of pliers are used is also an efficient manner of interrogation…. ahem.

The colors were great, the linework.. was… passable.. I’m not used to the wider less detailed armor of the spec-forces of Scar Squad so i’ll let it pass… the light saber was a major hangup again.. eh…

7 of 10 rifles from me.. 1 saber can’t make a total story bad…. ask Anakin!