I dont care what the Nerdist or some newb at Lucasfilm or even JJ says its A-tee A-tee… why? Because you dont sat At-St… At-ssst? No you say AT-ST… like a normal person. How is this hard to understand!? Gah….

AT-ACT dio from SDCC 2016.jpg

So SDCC unveild some stuff… pics are curtousey of From 4-Lom to Zuckuss.com ran by Jake Steven’s from ToyRun!.

Read more for more pics and a video he posted.

Some awesome pictures of the AT-ACT’s looks like they’re about vintage Kenner sized AT-AT’s in height. Also remote controlled!


Here are some of the stills

A big shout out to Jake and the bunch for from4-lomtozuckuss.com and also thanks to Criz B and Ryan for reading my question to Steve Evans! 🙂