Han Solo #2

#2 coverplate

So … where’s Ingruber going to be? Not in the Galaxy far far away sadly. No offense to the guy who doesn’t look like Harrison ford who got the part, but c’mon man…

#2 scroll

We start this issue picking up where we were left off last issue with the Falcon and a handful of racers fighting off a booby trapped Hyperspace route on the Dragon Void racing course.#2 A

Han figures out to shut main engines down and let the inertia carry them as the blast drones destroying the other racers are targeting their engine exhaust. Delan Vook the chiss and the of Twilek girls Sotna & Nowk use some hyper maneuvers to get away while the ancient racer Loo Re Anno  sat back and let her ship slowly carry her through the wreckage.

#2 B

Whent he ships make it to the 1st planned stop a planet who’s name I don’t care to remember and luckily isn’t mentioned anywhere in the first 10 pages of the book wohoo!

#2 C

Chewy makes contact with the Rebellion spy and bodyguard. The guard a female Falleen and the spy a Duros meet with him and she hands over the guy to Chewie but not before a red haired bounty hunter and imps show up. Stormtroopers to be exact. Lots of shooting ensues..

#2 D

I have to say the artwork in this series has been very well done. I always judge artwork on stormtroopers very harshly as a stormie’s outfit can have tons of photo reference but if its drawn just slightly off it ruins the look. Thankfully the line work of Mark Brook’s pencils working on them in the issue was superb as was Sonia Oback’s colors.

So while on the planet the racers and the crowds of fans gather and learn that the empire has called off the race and the racers are to be arresed! *Gasps*! I know! Well GOOD! Dam street racing punks I never liked them and some hard core imperial law and order will quell their revolutionary emotions and their dam music…. ahem…

#2 E

So anyways it gets heated and then a few of the racers and Han get a swift punch to the face and then come face to face with an Imperial officer…. no real name is given so it could be any fool in the uniform but I hope it’s a decent adversary for the series.

All in all it was a solid 7/10 issue