Well that was a whole lot of fuss about nothing… ish

Well i guess not nothing, if your an astromech focus person you’re loving the new 6pack of mystery 3 3/4″ action figure Astromechs that were…. “hyped” as Vintage collection/Black series articulation…  For those of us with common sense we were hoping for a mix of droids and figures of aliens/humans to give us some vestige of hope the SA line wasn’t being totally shunned…

This is what I turned into my 11th grade science teacher when I was out all weekend partying and trying to get laid and had a chem report due on Monday /golfclap.


droid 6 pack EE


So where d we go from here? Well I spent most of the weekend looking for Rogue One concept art while fighting off a hella bad cold and trying to record a podcast with Eric and Sam… which was decent but recorded like ass on toast.

So… with a glimmer of hope for something nice to happen I hear about EE’s 6 SA pack mystery exclusive and decided to say “eh why not” and plopped the preorder.. $80 was a lot but considering 6 SA figures mixed in different SW era’s I was feeling good about it.

Well seems my good feelings turned out to be herpes.

Sadly I had to call EE and cancel my preorder as I’m sure many in the SA collecting community did when we thought the GREAT THIRST of SA may be satisfied for a bit with this release….

Adam seems a decent guy maybe he loves Astromechs,… maybe he’s not aware of the great hunger and thirst for good SA figures, by his opinions I would assume he was. I hope he didn’t hype it up because he really thought it was worth hyping. Moreso I hope he did because he was paid to.

Oh EE… how I was fooled again by you.. .. you sneaky devils you. *waves finger*…

*wishes finger would turn into a pistol and end this all.*…

*realizes he has imperialshipyards.net’s Impe gunner contest to work on*…

*puts the finger away*.