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So if you were under a rock somewhere in the last week and a half you may have missed that Entertainment Weekly did a spread on the new Star Wars film titled “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” . Shaking my head at the name change from the word anthology aside the article goes more in depth into the characters of the new film set prior to the event of Episode IV “A New Hope” and a better title hook! hehe.



I must say the “re-shoot scare” of 2 weeks ago seems more like a tactical chance to drum up clicks and interest in the movie itself when they were always scheduled all along. Seems plausible to fit into my grand conspiracy theory for the Star Wars story group lol.

But more and more I’m hopeful for the first stand-alone Star Wars live action movie. Below are some of the characters and images found in the article as well as some thoughts on the upcoming film.


I have to say just the thought of old school stormies bringing oppression and order to the gala- errr. I mean yea. I love the thought of the … good… guys.. win..bleh.. no. Empire4Lyfe!

Anywho somewhere I’m sure people are still pessimistic about the new stand alone and I’m sure others are wondering who all these new folks are in the saga… its ok.. it’ll be ok trust me, I mean the film is as strong as the EU no not the recently fractured EU I mean the one that would never be wiped awa-…. hmmm. Anyways have fun with the images guys. I love them… i REALLY love them, I’m a sycnic when it comes to story telling so we’ll have to wait and see… and there better be SuperArticulated action figures of troopers this fall… so help me… if there isn’t… someone at a big-box store will have quite the talking to! … ahem.. -ajusts cosplaying imperial uniform- So…

We have a plethora of photo’s and character information so without so much of an order as my lazy way of doing things… here we go.


Jyn Erso – played by Felicity Jones

Hottie to Trottie

Gaelen Erso – played by Mads Mickelson


Saw Gerrera* – played by Forest Whitaker (more on him later)

old saw

Cassian Andor – played by Deigo Luna


Baze Malbus – played by Jiang Wen


Chirrut Imwe – played by Donnie Yen


Bodhi Rook – Riz Ahmed


K2S0 – mocapped by Alan Tudic


Director Orson Krennic – played by Ben Mendelsohn

director krennic2

Darth Vader – Played by multiple actors and one very awesome J.E.G.

Darth Vader Storm Trooper

The cast looks exceptional I’ll even give some appreciation to the rebels side the dirty terrorists they are. I can’t wait to see the new troopers, the Death Troopers the Shore Troopers and even the Hover Tank troopers…. so many to buy and army build!

Front image


dynamic duo

Void troopers2

Finally after viewing all the images (see gallery) I can’t help but want to see more… maybe it’s my addiction to Star Wars or maybe it’s just that I’m missing my OT so much. One thing I wanted to touch on before we go was now the 2nd (3rd if you count CGI Greivous) character originating in animation making the jump to live action….


Forest Whitaker’s character’s name will recognized by fans of the Clone Wars, Saw Gerrera was a character in a major arc in the later seasons of the series, though back then he was much younger but still just as extreme in his tactics. Honestly I LOOOOOVE when a franchise mixes up characters from animation/expanded content in the films, especially when it’s done well and no I don’t count Marvel/DC since the characters are basically when the entire movies/comics are about the “Save the world” tropes are just plot moving instruments.

I hope we see more of it in future stand-alones for Star Wars as well as other franchises to,… could we eventually see a Baron Fel? I sincerely hope so (sorry Thrawn lovers).