Star Wars #20

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The galaxy far far away loses itself far far away in the pages of Ben Kenobi’s old journal. We return to the interim of Kenobi’s custodian of young Luke Skywalker on Tatooine yet again… time to throw some shit around my office while pretending to fight a wookiee bounty hunter.

SW#20 scroll

Writer: Aaron

Art: Mayhew

Letterer: Eliopoulos

We return to Tatooine where Jabba the Hutt has hired a bounty hunter by the name of Black Krrsantan whos popped up a few times in the Darth Vader comic series. He is on world to find out who was the stranger near the Jundland wastes that attacked his flunkies during the great drought a year prior.

While the wookiee hunter is scoping the scene he notices a certain moisture farm in the distance. One which all OT fans will recognize quickly. SW#20AAt the Lar’s homestead Owen is searching for Luke to bring him some extra parts to help him repair the tri winged sky-hopper. Luke however being the selfish miscreant he was has flown the coop donning his floppy hat and backpack has decided to run away from home… because a stable place to live without the slime of urban decay and a secret paladin like guardian making sure he doesn’t fall and hurt himself to hard on a rock or become a bantha snack… pffff…

While Luke is just getting out of range of the moisture farm he turns and starts running back towards the Lars home with little reason to aside from what we assume is him sensing trouble with “the force”.

Luke makes it back to find Aunt Beru on the ground grabbing a blaster rifle she tells Luke that Owen was grabbed by fur covered monster (racism! yay!) and took him into the mountains. She tells Luke to lock himself in the maintenance bay until she tells him it’s OK to come out. Luke of course says little other then look at his Sky hopper, foreshadowing… are we? ahem…

SW#20BWhile in the mountains Black Krrsantan is giving Owen a good wookiee whoopin up until Kane.. of the desert… err I mean … Kenobi… of the wastes shows up. He decides to throw down with Black Krrsantan to keep Owen from becoming a wookiee lunch.

Black Krrsantan decides this puny human isn’t much of a fight and decides he’s going to whomp on this greying haired old man. Wrong move… wookiee! SW#20CWell Kenobi has to show this overgrown walking carpet that he’s not just any puny human he’s a puny jedi human!

Kenobi tries to give the bounty hunter a mind trick to get him walk away. But Krrsantan isn’t falling for some old man’s mind trick and the brawl begins! Kenobi takes a few good socks to the body and is reluctant to pull out his light-stick (saber you fools!) and reveal himself as a Jedi to people. Owen knows of course but few others do and a jedi popping up on Tatooine might bright unwanted attention to the moisture farm.

During the brawl Kenobi is getting Wayn Brady’d before getting a blaster net shot over him… (insert male ejaculation joke here) and Owen decides to try and help. Another puny-human move. Krrsantan gives him the peoples shoulder and tosses his punk ass like Razor Ramon did the 1-2-3 Kid before he stole the bag of money. Owen tumbles down the side of the mountain and falls over a cliff but it caught mid-air by Kenobi using the force from above.SW#20D

Well Kenobi can’t hold Owen and fight off Krrsantan and just as the wookiee attacks Owen starts to fall. This could be a real poignent moment when we learn Owen was severely injured in his fall thus Luke has to man-up and become more of a grown up at a young age to help support his aunt and uncle giving him some kind of depth …  NOPE.

Blonde space cadet shows up flying his newly repaired skyhopper saving Owen from a nasty fall. .. with the obligatory kid scream-close up I’ve come to accept instead of loathe so much as I have since 1999… sighs.

So Owen is saved Luke who apparently was never a regular farm boy but in secret was the chosen ones son, also heir to the Naboo Royal family and protected by the last of an ancient order to allow him to become the greatest hope comes through again. SW#20E I yearn for the days when we had the self identifying markers in Star Wars…. with all this drama and action with Luke this young I am and have been starting to identify more with Soontir Fel,… sexy Soontir Fel.. err I mean rugged manly Tie Colonel.. .ahem.

Anyways as always Mayhew used real models for his faces and poses which really stands out for the Kenobi journal chapters of the main Star Wars line (except issue 7 that wasn’t done by him) and while I love the people and places I am glad to see he’s putting in more backgrounds this time.

All in all its a solid read even for its flaws.. 7/10.