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Hokey religions and ancient weapons are not excuse for a good blaster at your side kid.


Writer: Marjorie Liu

Artist: Mark Brooks

Colors: Sonia Oback

Cover: Lee Bermejo

Letterer: Joe Caramagna

I’m back to review the opening issue of Hans Solo. Something I usually don’t do as I hate trying to review a comic that has all of 1 issue to play with but since it’s set in the Star Wars galaxy about a well known and loved character I figured it’d be fine since we know so much about the smuggler with Jabba’s ire.A

We start the issue with Han in a cantina talking about all the jobs he’s passing up on. The self narrative is fine for the lack of dialogue at the begining since Han is alone and Chewie is no where to be found.
While in the cantina Han notices a face of a woman he saw a couple planets back… I assume by that phrase they mean he was barhopping a few planets every few days and so he recognized her and realized she may be following him. B

Well he was right. Just as his insticts are telling him to take off the woman and another armed man get the drop on Solo and take him back to of all places, the Millennium Falcon. Chewie’s there and seems to know the pair of armed kidnappers to Han’s annoyed tone. They’re with the rebellion and they’re here to take the Falcon on the orders of one Princess Leia organa. To which Han let’s them know that no one takes the Falcon but him. Leia’s image comes through a holoprojector explaining they need the Falcon for an ancient galactic speed race that’s been going on for a long time. The Dragon Void Run, a race Han knows about but had never entered as it’s a steep entry fee.

Back at the rebellion fleet Leia informs him the fee is payed and they don’t really want him to win the race at all. They want Han to stop at the mandatory stops on the race course and while refueling smuggle the last three surviving informants aboard. Han asks why him and not their own people since they would be better suited for it. C

Leia says rebellion high command thinks they have a mole in the fleet as their network of spies and informants have been winding up dead over the last few weeks. Also in on the conversation with Princess Leia is the rebellion leader General Airen Cracken. Cracken was used multiple times in the old EU as a background character and was even filmed in Return of the Jedi as he and his crew of soldiers maned the stations on the Millennium Falcon during the assault on the second Death Star.

Han decides to do it, for Leia as he seems to feel something for her and gets close just to have her slug him in the jaw in fake showing of an argument in case anyone in the hangar were watching and not what they seemed.

So we flash to the pre-race get together seeing those that claim to be the top-racers in the galaxy having drinks and sharing small talk at a cocktail party-ish place where even Hutt’s are enjoying themselves. DHan has some banter back and forth with a pair of Twi’lek women in racer outfits, the seem eerily similar to the pair of human twins from the Playstation 1 game – Star Wars Demolition (2000)swdemolition_psxboxboxart_160w Where a pair of twin humans were indebted to Jabba the Hutt and used a speeder during the demolition derby matches he held in the game… eh.. *shrugs* whatev’s it was a passable game that no one really remembers and if it gives inspiration for the current pair of good looking Twi’lek ladies in this comic series then all the better.

Along with the pair of twi’leks who don’t seem to like Han entering the race is a Pantoran male with a few female fans himself and an ancient alien from the racing circuit named Loo Re Anno. Han knows her as well do all the rest of the racing contestants and seem to regard her with a great amount of respect, while I don’t as I don’t respect anyone who hasn’t earned it in my eyes, I will see what happens with this ancient racer who the other characters tell Han is probably witnessing her final race.

So a little later the race starts and the first hyperspace jump is made. The Falcon comes out of the blue and white tunnel of hypserspace as the black background of the void dotted with starts comes into view. As well as debris and burning wreckage… seems someone opened up on the racers that made it through the hyperspace jump prior to Han and the Falcon is the next one targeted for a blasting.. but by who?…E

All in all I liked the issue. I loved the color work by Sonia Oback and the pencil and inks were solid. The writing… was ok but I hate that in the Star Wars title and now in his own self title we have to show Han being slugged/attacked/jumped and pretty much relegated to being a punching back since even though he’s one of the best smugglers and pirates in the galaxy he lets everyone beat him or get the drop on him… it’s getting tiresome…. I want angry pissed off kill first and damned be all with your fragile emotions and feelings over death,… Han shot ONLY. Like it should be… dam whining kids and their music… ahem…

Anywho all in all i’m giving 8 of 10.