So we return to the Sequel era in the 3rd issue of Poe Dameron. Where we follow the dashing pilot and his trusty Black Squadron take on the first order.


Writer: Charles Soule

Art: Phil Noto

Letterer: Joe Caramagna

Cover: Phil Noto

All in all I’m liking the Poe Dameron series, especially Terex. Not just because Terex owns the Carrion Spike, but because he’s very layered as a character. Yes… “that” Carrion Spike that Grand Moff Tarkin took command of in his self title novel “Tarkin” by James Lucieno.

Terex uses it for a more personal vessel then the imperial watchdog ship Tarkin used it as. He also seems to be have a decent amount of intelligence for a First Order crony which is a rare trait in baddies for the Star Wars universe.


We enter the issue with Poe and Terex facing of in the underground village underneath the gigantic egg that the village had held as a sacred object to give birth to some kind of savior? Whenever you enter ancient prophecies and unknown savior types it never bodes well in any sci-fi universe. All this dialogue between them while Terex’s flame troopers are cooking the underside of this sacred “egg” the villagers were guarding. Mmmm omlets.

High above ground Black Squadron is doing all they can to fight off swarms of Tie Fighters that are pouring out of a cruiser in orbit.

Eventually the heat from the flametroopers start to crack the egg and the village elder gets excited that the savior inside is about to be born… remember I said be careful of saviors and prophecies in the sci-fi genre?


So the egg hatches and inside isn’t a savior… doi. It’s a giant mothman guy similar to what you’d imagine Richard Gere’s version of Indrid Cold  the from Mothman Prophecies…. hmmm… ancient prophecy seeing the future.. and a moth-man guy. Seems we’ve found the real world inspiration for the egg’s backstory… possibly.

Well unlike Indrid who was a very civilized and powerful being this savior out of the egg is much less sentient and much more like a viscious animal.. who also happens to be about 40ft tall. And of course like all huge vicious animals that wakes up to see humans standing around it knows it’s dinner time.

So as the beast becomes angry and hungry Poe takes a few swipes at Terex who easily dodges him. Terex feels a bit pompus-y,… y…  but then realizes Poe wasn’t trying to actually land a punch as he was swiping Terex’s blaster from his holster. #3C

Anywho Poe holds a gun on Terex like the resistance criminal he is while Terex laughs, while unarmed he knows more then the resistance will and tells Poe the monster isn’t some savior. In fact he knows what it is, as shortly after the dialogue starts an even larger savior moth-man shows up and starts beating on the newly hatched savior one. Giant… Monster… Bashes… the 1960’s/70’s japanese movie nostalgia hit me in the face like a brick. It also hit Poe like a brick in amazement as he is distracted to see the second monster and Terex and he struggle for the blaster.

While they struggle for the blaster the monsters really start to beat up the cavern, eventually collapsing it in on itself and during the ruckuss………… which was heard….. BB8 shocks the distracted Terex ending the struggle between he and Poe.


Eventually the pair of monsters break through the cavern roof and break free above ground and start fighting up there before the big black monster kills the freshly hatched white one with a mouth laser beam! MOUTH LASER BEAM! GODZILLA!… ahem.

So… after the black monster kills the white one (racism! I love it!) we end the issue with Terex and his troopers captured by Poe’s pilots holding blasters on the ground. Poe’s squadron doesn’t want the 1st Order coming back to kill all the villagers so instead Poe decides to let Terex go as they figure they’ll meet each other again.

Poe and his crew leave the planet still on the search for Lor San Tekka.


I have to say it was a solid issue, I really liked the banter between the First Order troopers when they are trying to hold back the savior monster.

What I didn’t like was Snap needs to retire Wexley, look I get it. Fat X-Wing pilots were a thing back in ’77 with Jek Porkins… but the rebellion much like the original production of Star Wars by 20th Century Fox put anyone they could into a flight suit to pilot an X-wing to save money.


Did another heafty show up in Empire Strikes back? No…. why? Because the Rebellion had got actual pilots and soldiers that keep themselves in shape in case they have to go into combat outside of their ride. The overweight and out of shape don’t usually last on a battle field, I guess that’s why he’s in an X-wing and much like Granny A-wing from Return of the Jedi I won’t be hurt if he gets cut… cut by Kylo… cutting up Wexley like the all black wearing emo-cousin forced to cut Thanksgiving turkey for his mid-west family while he broods about having to partake in the antiquated ritual for chemically enhanced meat to intake while gossiping and watching barbarism on the television between the teams of Detroit and Dallas….. *looks around ahem*… not that I know anything about that.


But the most reason I’m really hating him. He’s afraid he’s going to die and tells Kare (my gyaru girl) that whatever they had together he wants her to know he cares for her… really Kare? … old Snap? old chubs Snap? He’s like 48 and out of shape if he ever reaching 50 with that cholesterol I’ll be surprised. Now I love age-gap love between sensei and student or … well whatever.. but Snap?… sighs…

So fat guy hating aside the issue was solid, a 7.5 of 10 from me.