We return to the post ANH world in this issue of Darth Vader as the final story arc starts to wind down and loose strings are starting to be pulled taught. Who will be on the ends of those threads we wonder.


Writer: Keiron Gillen

Art: Salvador Larroca

Colors: Edgar Delgado

Letters: Joe Caramagna

Cover: Larroca & Delgado

We start the issue with the Dark Lord of the Sith meeting with a Professor Thlu-Ry who is a scientist of some kind that worked on the first Death Star but had left it just hours prior to the battle of Yavin. Vader and he exchange information about the professors former colleague Doctor Cylo, the imperial traitor.

The good professor knows his life is forfeit should he lie to the Dark Lord, to be honest for being associated with Cylo his life is probably forfeit anyways. He tells Vader that Cylo and his living space whale fleet is hiding in the Crushank Nebulae.


Out among the outer rim planets is the Cosmatanic Steppes, where a recently rebel escapee Dr. Aphra (my future wife) has taken to hitting the bottle at all hours of the day (sighs I know … i know) She’s in a funk, she knows her death is probably coming soon since she knows Vader can’t have her walking around as a living breathing testament to his inside tactics to gain knowledge of his son that the Emperor lied to him about.

On this grassland planet Aphra’s been barflying on Triple Zero and BT show up with their squad of assassin droids and Black Krrsantan in tow in search of Aphra at Vader’s orders.B

Well the whole situation goes south fast, with the droids slaughtering any meat bag in their way to get to Aprha. Who’s hiding behind the bar with the bartender trying to hold back the onslaught of laser fire by the droids. During the firefight the bartender gets vaped, but they blow off Triple Zero’s left arm and one of BT’s appendage blasters. Brutal I tellz ya. But eventually Aphra figures out since Vader wanted Aphra brought back to him or killed she surrendors that stops the attacking droids to bring her back aboard their ship. Hopefully she’ll figure something out.

We cut back to Cylo’s flagwhale… err flagship where he and the Voidgazer realize the ISD Devastator are launching ties attacking them during the battle Cylo’s ship hits the Star Destroyer with a barrage of Ion shots disabling it.


However Vader and his Black Squadron are in flight pummeling the hull of Cylo’s whale-ship. Cyle whale ship jumps to hyperspace after knocking out the Devastator but not before Vader crashes into the hull of the vessel with his Tie Advanced 1X fighter. He’s done this before actually if you’ve read Lords of the Sith it was the same technique to get on a Ryloth rebel ship and take out its crew.

Voidgazer informs Cylo of Vader’s crash-boarding and Cylo starts to order Morit (evil blonde brother w/lightsaber see issue 19) but Voidgazer asks to take on Vader as she expects he’ll traverse deeper through the ships labs and she wants to observe him. Cylo agrees to her wishes and deep in the bowels of this whale Vader force jumps out of his tie advanced from its crashed state on the soft tissue walls of the whale-ships stomach/fin/eww.D

Vader and Voidgazer meets and he tells her that she’s not nearly as skilled or strong as Karbin (Moncala-greivous) nor the Blonde twins. She agrees but decides to test his skills against a cybernetic implanted being much like the trandoshan he killed way back in issue … 6? I think.

The final page is a splash page of a huge Rangcor? Being bearing down on Vader. I have to say I’m dissapointed because the Rancor was so overused in the old EU I was hoping it wouldn’t be used so carelessly in the new canon.

But much like my hopes of having a good reboot of the Star Wars canon this dream went fast…. (I’m looking at you Heir to the Jedi/Aftermath/SW main-title) … sad.


Aside from that part the book was solid with great art as always and good story telling….dam I even forgotten to mention that Cylo’s bridge of his whale ship has a see-through floor showing the space whale’s brain… how cool is that!?



7 of 10 rifles