So things have gotten lively on the desolate planet since Obiwan and his young padawan Anakin came to it. Good looking girls, punk looking guys, lots of war and ancient ruined civilizations. Heck the last thing we need to make this a 90’s era Playstation character check would be for a mecha to arrive…. wait… what’s that I see in the distance! Our prayers are answered its Rex! errr Pran!


#5 scroll

Writer: Soule

ART: Checchetto

Colors: Mossa

Letter’s: Caramagna

We pick this issue up with Anakin tied up back at Open’s HQ pleading with Kolara to let him go. He tells the kids he knows whos sending up the sky gift trinkets and bringing them back.#5 A The kids who are a lot less war-minded have no concept of art so they see these shiny object and get bedazzled by them. Anakin offers to help them end this war or find them a bling-it on applicator I forget which but either way they release him to allow him to work his mojo.

We then see Obiwan back at the Scavneger’s hideout. Remember Sera? The old lady whos been shooting up kits and stuff into the atmosphere the natives call the “skygifts”. She says she wants the war to end but believes the adults are too far gone mentally to trust not to continue their war ravaged minds but the children seem to be accepting of the sky gifts “art” and may be reach to an understanding. She goes on to say she came across an old holovid of a jedi long ago whos strength was unmatched and that is why she got the spacecraft flying to send the message out just before it lost power and crashed back down into the wastelands. She wanted jedi to come and help stop this unending war. #5 B.jpg

Obiwan looks at the holovid now frozen and lost of color from its original state and asks Sera what color was the jedi’s lightsaber. She replies that when she first watched it decades ago she thinks it was red. (ominus meaning for multiple reasons i wont get into) But there was no time to talk about the jedi in the picture.

Suddenly an army of “Closed” troops arrive from homing in on the flare Grecker shot up last issue before getting blasted by Sera in the gut… but the thing is Grecker while badly wounded wasn’t dead and now his boys are at Sera’s hide out to wreck up the joint… sniffs… /starts rolling sleeves up.

The next bit gets a little confusing for me but Obiwan tells Sera Jedi’s don’t kill when they don’t have to and he’s not there to slaughter the Open and Closed to end the war to which Sera get’s irked about. Seems the Closed army is a lot larger then the Open’s btw, they brought blimps, footsoldiers all kinds of gear to. They start shooting projectile guns at Obiwan and he cuts the bullets mid-air but the fragments graze him and he gasps out. Eventually Grecker who’s back up on his feet orders the rest of the Closed troops to attack him as he realizes a jedi is really powerful. As Obiwan completes a jump and takes the grazing bullets he lands and is face to face with a Closed trooper then bam! All kinds of freedom hits that trooper and I say freedom as in metal gear loving in the size of about a .60mm round obliterating the guy. It’s Morther Pran and the rest of the Mecha Calvary from the smaller Open army.. smaller in number just judge them by their size do not. As the mecha’s open up with a single “Goodbye” from Pran as they lay some hot metal freedom all over the Closed Troopers.

#5 C

Grecker sees Obiwan on the battlefield and starts spouting off about how the jedi don’t know about this world and shouldn’t be here… which by the way kids if you’ve seen CIVIL WAR like what they say to Spiderman, there’s not this much talking in a fight… and usually standing around talking like Grecker will get you killed as it did him since a mech blast obliterates him and knocks Obiwan to the ground shaken up.

#5 D

This next part is a bit… odd. Obiwan is getting up as Mother Pran is in her Mecha targeting him. We know Pran kidnapped Anakin and send Grecker and Obiwan to crash but seeing him wounded she doesn’t turn away she goes to fire.

But just as her chain gun unloads Anakin swoops in on.. a swoop bike apparently and saves his master just before possible death and then the rest of the kids from the Open show up. They land on the rooftop of Sera’s hideout and talk to her a moment as the battle between the two armies continues. Obiwan and Anakin exchange some dialogue before Obiwan has Anakin set up a transmission.

Now the  next parts are odd I guess a decent amount of time passes but it takes place in just a panel or two of action between the two armies but what happens is eventually the dust cloud covering the planet obscuring the sky burns away and both sides pause and look up… #5 E

and see a whole bunch of Galactic Republic freedom coming down in the form of Jedi to end the battle by laying the smacketh-downeth upon these warring savages. Obiwan and Anakin discuss why they showed up and Obiwan uses it as a lesson to teach Anakin why it’s better to be part of an organization to make you stronger. Helping Anakin realize maybe leaving the Jedi Order may not be the best thing.

The final scenes cut back and forth between Yoda and Obiwan back on Coruscant talking about helping Anakin understand the choices he’s making as a jedi and how they will effect himself and others and why being part of the order is about being part of something stronger…

awwwww. happy end.

Oh and that Obiwan lied to the Republic about a huge amount of Tibana gas to mine here maaaay get him in some hot water but eh it helped bring the hostilities to an end.


All together the arc was enjoyable and the art only got better each issue I easily give this issue a 8 of 10.