So we return to the sequel era with the second issue of Poe Dameron. We pick up this issue nearly where it left off last month with Poe meeting the locals who believe some savior is going to be born out of some mechanical egg and a whole bunch of First Order coming down to say hello.

Poe#2 Fronter

Poe#2 Scroll

Writer: Charles Soule

Cover/Inside Art: Phil Noto

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

So we open the issue with a First Order officer leading jumptroopers (stormies w/jetpacks) that are on Poe Dameron’s tail. Poe has already reach the cavernous home of the … XXXX people and is trying to hide out as the First Order is closing in. Poe#2 A

Leading the First Order troops is an Agent Terex.

His characters look reminds me heavily of Nazi officer Major Strasser from Casablanca played by legendary golden age Hollywood actor Conrad Veidt who’s list of film credits are so critically acclaimed that I won’t tarnish that legacy by listing it here. However some other moments in the issue remind me of the more recent Hollywood Nazi favorite of film goers Christoph Waltz

Conrad Veidt1
Conrad Veidt

I’m not really happy to admit I enjoyed the flamboyant attitude of a space Nazi is so close to flamboyant power monger ego tripping Hollywood WWII era Nazis…. but I did.


Agent Terex makes it a point to let the stormtroopers know that he was a stormtrooper much like them but considering his aged look I assume he was a stormtrooper in Palpatine’s old Empire before it fractured and the rise of the First Order.

So Terex and his troopers are traversing through the caverns as they track the signal Poe and BB8 found on their X-Wing in the previous issue. Terex and the First Order troops find the door that tried to squash Poe in last issue in the cavern trap.

Poe#2 B

However being the First Order and basically since the new Disney story group has taken the First Order as more Space Nazis the stormies and Terex do what Nazi’s do and blow the door open. We then get a flashback of Terex hanging out on what we assume is personal ship the Carrion Spike the SAME corvette that was used by Wilhuff Tarkin the book “Tarkin” that came out last year.

How Terrex received it isn’t shown but unlike Tarkin, Terex fills it with old relics of the old Empire as well as plenty of female servants or slaves it’s not clear which that are to his personal liking. He also rocks a ’70s era lounging shirt that I’d fucking KILL for.Poe#2 C

So while on the Carrion Spike he has a hologram conversation with Captain Phasma who doesn’t seem to be Terex’s biggest fan about how he conducts his business and references she knows where he comes from. Hmmm… foreshadowing maybe? He alluded that Hux doesn’t stand him either but since he’s good at his job they tolerate him and his specific tastes in servants even though he considers it a hypocrisy since the old Empire had slaves. Phasma corrects him saying the First Order is “purer” somehow. Maybe she’s talking about Hux’s soldier-birth program.

Anywho after the scene we go back to Terex confronting the elder woman from issue #1 saying he wants Poe Dameron. To the village elder’s credit she tries to play dumb as Poe hid himself and his x-wing when the First Order troops showed up. However Agent Terrex seems a bit smarter then that and at reading weakness’s. He gives the orders to the flame troopers that is inaudible to the reader. Then sets the troopers out through the village and cavern to find Dameron.

Up above the remains of Black Squadron is trying to figure out what they can do to help Poe. They are told not to engage the First Order troop carrier and even if they did the ties on it are so much faster then the X-wings the X-wings would have trouble getting clear before they were opened up on from the carrier’s guns and fighters. So our good old friend L’ulo the Duros from Shattered Empire decides he can coax the ties to chase him.

Poe#2 D

So L’ulo decides to get the carrier’s attention. At first he buzzes the flight deck in his A-wing but the tie fighters down bite. So like a Falkland island British airman he has had enough pussying around and unloads on the flight deck with his A-wing getting the tie fighters to chase him.

Poe#2 E

By the way I can I say again how much I’m coming to hate Snap Wexley. Wasn’t his biggest fan in Aftermath nor the Force Awakens can’t wait until he fulfills his long awaited destiny with Jek Porkins and we can be done with him. Hopefully it’s Kylo…hopefully it’s Kylo with a new saber that ends Snaps flying.Ugh.

So with the carrier emptying it’s defenses at Black Squadron it’s not as defended to stalk the entrance where Poe and the other First Order troops went in at.

We swap back to Agent Terex and the elder woman in the cavernous village and his patience is up. He tells the troopers since they can’t seem to find Poe to crack open the big egg hanging in the middle of the village. Using it as leverage against the villagers of course. To which the village elder starts pleading them not to.

Poe#2 F

Sorry lady you don’t give up the terrorist you’re egg gets busted. But fortunately for her Poe comes out of hiding with his hands up asking Terex to stop and they can work the situation out. Terex asks why he should listen to Poe and Poe tells Terex it’s because he didn’t come to this planet alone. That his entire black squadron is out there  pummeling the First Order troop carriers defenses and unless he wants to wind up a crisp laser stain on the ground he should let the people go and work with him.

Poe#2 G

Terex doesn’t seem to give an F’. He says that even though Black Squadron is topside making a mess of things that they severely underestimated the force Terex brought to this backwater planet. Seems he brought a FOSD filled to the brim with fighters that are launching on Black Squadron… dun… dun…dun!

Then Terex tells his flame troopers to start burning the big metal egg to make an omlet… mmm omlets. So we leave the issue on a cliff …. errr egg-hanger. Hanger… lol. Anyways I’m liking Terex and Black squadron a lot and the art in the issue was well done. So ranking is 7.5 of 10 blaster rifles.