So this week had quite a bit of fun things going on. We had some spy pics from… well to be honest I can’t remember who originally took the drone pics because by the time I seen them they were all over the internet. I am going to just credit Making Star Wars because I happened to be listening to them as I write this piece.

Now with that solid out of the way the Falcon…


We had seen images in the lead up to Episode VII of the cockpit and most of it’s starboard side created and finished. But seeing it like this nearly put together in its entirety make gets me a little choked up… ahem..

Anywho. Yes the front of it is slightly out of porportion they’ll fix that in editing. I’m just glad it’s built in its entirety. Never mind the surly old looking guys making it… actually I think I like that fact that if they were surly they were cursing up a storm creating it like old sea-bees would (personal note: my buddy was as sea-bee and the stories he told me were classic).


So it seems the Falcon is on some weird location, I’m not a spoilery guy for other people.. however after Episode I, I will never not go without eating EVERY spoiler I find but I respect some of those that wish to remain spoiler free. Good for them… I’m much too cynical and jaded.

ep 8 luke tree

So we also see a huge tree on what looks like a set from that island Rey finds Luke on. It may just be a backdrop or it might have meaning either way it looks cool and I could see characters living or force ghosts sitting on the branches like Forest and Jenny.

Ep8 temple

The set lead up to a building looking half constructed. Probably to be finished in CGI in editing. Cool though maybe it’s like some new facility Luke created with his army of force controlled slaves like Exar Kun. Legends people…legends. Anywho it looks cool reminds me of the Jedi library/archives from the old Jedi Temple on Coruscant so who knows maybe it’ll be a nod to one of the better parts of the prequels.

All in all I’m liking how BIG everything is looking in the sets. Giving it a much more grandiose scale to the scenes and action, lets hope the editing keeps it that way this time. But it does get me amped for episode 8.

Now on to the other reason I’m writing. I wrote a month ago about the Hasbro Pulse SDCC event where they are going to show different diorama’s created by fans depicting different scenes in/about the Force Awakens. I haven’t really made dio’s much in the last 20 years since I stopped them. I decided to dip my toe into it about a year ago and it’s been slowly coming back to me but it seems to be doing ok. Here are some pictures of my entry into the Hasbro event.

Nothing special mind you just a retool of the vintage Dagobah playset I had used for my Rey review earlier this year. If you read that you’ll notice I moved around some of the tree-trunk colored pencils to allow for more light and a better angle to be photographed. I hope Hasbro has lots of entries, I love dios and love seeing what others can create when trying to capture Star Wars.