We’re back again with issue #4 of Obiwan and Anakin. Seems the story is finally coming along. Which is good because the last issue 2 issues were putting me to sleep. We have Padawan Anakin and Obiwan flyAing in the new steampunk’d blimp with some folks from the planet Carnelion IV while flashing back to a few months earlier with Anakin and Palpatine. At first I liked the idea of it but it grew stale on me fast.




Writer: Charles Soule

Artist/Cover: Marco Checchetto

Andres Mossa: Colors

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

oampa420a_zpstqiqm2aeWe pick up the issue where issue 3 left off having Mother Pran and Kolara kidnapping young padawan Skywalker while sabotaging Kenobi’s and Grecker’s high altitude airship. Kenobi and Grecker survive the landing to have to the treacherous natural beasts of Carnelion IV ready to pounce to make Kenobi and Grecker their next meal.

While those two are trying to survive on the icy surface of the planet the pair of women decide to take young Shota Skywalker for some hot sweaty s… errr… no brian this is  not anime. Err they decide to take Anakin back to their home city “Fortress Home” because he has the ability to fix mechanical devices. They explain they want to use his talents to repair their machina war machines to end the war with the CLOSED.


Anakin is dubious, also he’s tied up so he’s not very happy about his situation. Understandably so, since he was kind of kidnapped. Even if it was by a pair of beautiful women that any other hot blooded boy his age would dream to have done to him. Ahem…

oampa420c_zpsaydtyst7So they explain they’re going to use him for war-reasons to which Anakin doesn’t reply an objection to. Though he has his mouth covered by a gag so he may never get the chance to,… but what if somehow he agrees the war needs to come to an end. Food for thought. The Machina… wow.  Thank you Marco Checchetto, bless you for putting in Metal Gears into SW. I know they wouldn’t last long against imperial blasters or clone trooper ordinance. But I don’t care… I love it … LOVE IT.

There was a flashback scene with Palpatine and Anakin in Palpatine’s office where he convinces the young padawan he’s lonely and not happy with his current position in the Jedi Order. We see Anakin give Obiwan his lightsaber showing his request to stop his padawan training. Would this mean Anakin has to leave the order? Doubtful, I’m sure more then a few slacker jedi’s who needed to stop and breathe from their training has done this. Also there’s that whole “he may be the chosen one” stuff that Anakin has about him that I’m sure the Jedi Order would never want to let go.


After the flashback we return to Obiwan and Grecker having survived the savage beasts on the surface now reaching the ruins of a city that Obiwan claims is where the signal to the Jedi Order came from. As the pair tread into the ruins they are attacked by some huge beast snake thing that eat the pair of humans. Grecker oddly shoots a flare into the air that attracts a more of the huge beasts into the area.

During the skirmish Grecker runs into one of the small doors in the ruins as a small framed masked and hooded figure shuts the door. He says they should go but the woman in the hood tells him to go back out there and get Kenobi but Grecker refused and pulls a gun on the woman. The woman however wasn’t playing around and out draws Grecker blasting him in the chest. Kenobi comes in the door seeing Grecker and asks what happened and the women tells him he was planning on betraying the Jedi and she took care of it. The woman calls herself Sera she claims to be the one sending up the kites and sending out the jedi signal for help.


She tells Kenobi she wants to help stop this eons long war between the OPEN and CLOSED. Sera says she knows the older generations will never give up the war but her hope is for the young… sighs. I’m hoping Mother Pran isn’t going to die so Kolara decides to give up the war. That’s a little too cliche for me but eh.. we’ll see. Sera also informs Kenobi that she learned of powerful warriors of old called the Jedi who may help her end the war, but tells him to make no mistake both the OPEN and the CLOSED want’s her dead for … i guess her views? Ageism? Her haircut? meh not sure. Maybe she’s just as nasty as the rest of the place since she kind of didn’t give Grecker a chance so I could see her getting cleaved by Anakin eventually.


So as the book ends Mother Pran takes her now working Mecha’s and the airships out into the icy surface of the planet to try and end the CLOSED. With her small force it makes me think that the population between the pair of factions have warred each other for so long they must be down to tribal sizes like in Mad-Max … the original not Fury Road… actually the whole feel to the book even the character designs remind me of vintage Mad Max… hmmm kewl.

Anyways this was a solid pick up from the recently flat story we had the last issue or 2. easily 7.5 of 10 blaster rifles.