So I’m a little late getting Poe’s first issue reviewed and up on the site. With the Rogue One and the craziness that followed that whirlwind and the issues at the time with WordPress the first issue was sidelined. Sad to, because I REALLY like the first issue. To the point where my manga senses for Gyaru are starting to tingle…




Writer: Charles Soule

Artist: Phil Noto

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Artist: Phil Noto

poe120a_zpspikmfqbmSo we begin the issue with Poe Dameron and his trusty BB unit BB-8 flying into an underground cavern with his T-70 starfighter. Avoiding stalagtites and boobie traps along the way he narrowly avoids an explosion while racing to clear a pair of huge doors closing shut to prevent his fighter from flying inside.

Then as the tension to the moment builds we go into flashback where Poe and General Leia are discussing the mission back at DaQar base. She lets Poe know that an expert on Jedi knowledge was a man name Lor San Tekka who knows so much about the Jedi he may be the best hope to help accomplish their overall mission. Poe’s current mission is to find him and return him to help find the mythical Luke Skywalker.



While back there Poe enlists the help of Black Squadron. A squadron of Resistance fighter pilots with some faces we may recognize from other recent sources.

So more along in the flashback Poe goes out  to the launching area and meets with his squadron.

The roll call goes:

Snap Wexley: From the novel Lost Stars & The Force Awakens.

Kare Kun: I’m not familiar with Kare, supposedly her backstory is mentioned in before the awakening.I haven’t read it yet so I’ll have to do research. More over her over design I F-ing love. With her blonde hair … please … please be a girly girl lol. The gyaru possibility is awesome.

L’ulo: You may remember this Duros from the disappointing Shattered Empire comic series from last year. His part was one of the few bright spots in that series. So kudos to Soule for bringing him in here.

Jess Pava: Also from the Force Awakens, she like Snap gets a good amount of lines in TFA and actually shows some decent emotion during the fight when it seems a lost cause.

Oddy Muva: The same race as Ello Asty Abenedo. Much of Asty was based off the Beasty Boys so it’s possible Oddy is to. I’m not sure if he’s in TFA but it’s possible he’s the maintenance crew of the squad.

poe120c_zpssc49ivq6 So now with the squad assembled he gives the group the rundown of the operation.

So we finally get back into the main present of the story. Poe barely makes it past the closing blast doors into a steep cavernous pit with an ancient native american-esque feeling. In the center of the town square floats a huge large mechanical sphere. As Poe touches down he’s greeted and not so warmly by the locals living down in this place who don’t like outsiders. Not even good looking dashing pilot type outsiders.

After some back and forth with the local’s elder/leader regarding the location of Lor San Tekka BB-8 finds a tracker on the bottom of his X-Wing.poe120d_zpstyjhfiod

So when the jist is up Poe tries to explain to the locals they need to go because soon the awesome First Order is going to show up and bring all kinds of freedom to this small community.poe120e_zpskdgjwcpz

Well anyways these isolated folk don’t like that Poe’s talking about them having to meet even NEWER people newer them him and a gun fight inside this town square.

So anyways Poe has to hold off these hicks shooting at him for bringing evil new ideals like non incestuous relationships and good hygene. poe120f_zpsze2smqpc

During the fight Poe radios up to Black Squadron to let them know the rubes down in the caverns are hella angry and backwards. Then Snap and Kare let him know that its OK. Help is on the way… help in the form of the FIRST ORDER… dun dun dun…….

They’re there with an air-carrier thingy, using Ties troop carriers and First Order Troopers with jet packs… JET  F-ing PACKS!

Seeing them on stormtroopers outside of Battlefront makes me so happy… go ahead stormtroopers. Help those backward isolationists with a heaping helping of Freedom.

poe120g_zps3brwd7zf So I have to say the 1st issue is very promising. Good ancient relic Tomb Raiding lore type aspects mixed in with an evil Empire and the good guys.

Kind of sounds like Indiana Jones in Star Wars… cool.

Also there was a small side-story drawn in an old Calvin & Hobbes style comic strip at the end of the issue with a romantic comedy vibe going on with it. Which is cool I loved Calvin and Hobbes and I liked the little love story. I really liked the manga style trip and fall onto someone that is plagued in so much Rom-com manga that I’ve come to love it rather then hate it.

Anyways it’s a solid issue.. 8 of 10 blaster rifles.