So me and the guys (George and Eric) decided to do another podcast. No images at the moment since it’s mostly just news and thoughts to the Rogue One teaser and what we’ve heard about and picked up since our last show back in early March. Thankfully this time Matt’s mic wasn’t shoved up his nose.90sec header shot


We may make a Youtube version with images shortly depends on how motivated I get in the next few days… whew… not that likely.

Along with the Rogue One trailer we had some news from Hasbro regarding a diorama request from fans. I posted previously about it here  so we mention it but will go into it more in another cast. I hope those of you who actually listen like the show!

The links below go over some of the stuff we talk about. As well as shameless plugs for George and Eric since they are the main reason I can even make a podcast Sam to but he broke nerd rule #27 and went on a DATE … with a GIRL now less! What is the nerd world coming to I ask?

Anyways links!: &