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Hasbro Pulse starts something great.

Hasbro Pulse diorama announcement

Friends and consumers of Hasbro toys have been making diorama’s and photonovels with their playsets and action figures for decades. However last year Hasbro launched it’s focus section of their site called Hasbro Pulse. Giving insight and news to upcoming products and behind the scenes looks at former and current workings of different franchises under it’s banner such as Transformers, GiJoe and especially my beloved Star Wars.

With all the excitement about the Rogue One trailer being announced and then dropping in the last few days I had forgotten to talk about the Hasbro Pulse announcement. They are making a Fan Photo archive for those of us that do more then play with our action figures. Not that playing with them isn’t awesome but some of the more craft minded fans like to take their play to a whole different level.

The link and information below describes how someone, anyone mind you from April 5th  until May  4th (MTFBWY) can become part of Hasbro’s fan photo series.

>>>>Original Hasbro Pulse Link<<<<


Hasbro is launching the first #StarWars #HasbroToyPic Fan Figure Photo Series and calling on fans to show off their amazing collections and creativity by recreating scenes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens using Hasbro’s Star Wars figures and vehicles.


Beginning Tuesday, April 5th though Thursday, May 4th (May the Fourth), all photos posted to social using #StarWars and #HasbroToyPic will be considered for inclusion in aStar Wars: The Force Awakens Figure Photo Timeline in the Hasbro booth at San Diego Comic Con. Credit will be given to all creators within the Timeline display.

You’re our only hope in helping to highlight the Star Wars community’s amazing creativity, incredible figure collections, and passion for the franchise! Whether you root for The Resistance or defend the dark side, we hope you enjoy reliving all the action and adventure of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and that you’ll participate in the #StarWars #HasbroToyPic Fan Figure Photo Series.

For inspiration, here are several background scenes including Jakku, Starkiller Base, and Takodana.

(((NOTE: I cant high-res the pictures at the moment so please follow the ((original hasbro pulse link)) to get the awesome backgrounds downloaded for your dio.


I can’t help but be giddy about the whole thing. True I’m not that much of a diorama maker anymore and not well versed in the TFA set design to make one but I may throw something together to take part in the fun. I hope for the best for everyone’s projects who’s entering!



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