Finally. Finally we return to the OT era, not the PT not the new ST. The OT. Damn it why am I an old man now that this has returned. Well guess I’ll just have to fork over a few paychecks to whatever toys they make of it and do so gladly. 🙂

More screen capture and some quick thoughts  below…

So in the teaser trailer we get more then most people think. We see Jin (Felicity Jones) Narration by Ghost Dog part2 (Forrest Whittaker) and other narration by Mendelson I believe though I’m not sure.

What we see…

ISB agent/important imperial with a cape. Possibly a grand admiral but they were all white, the ISB used black pants as it appears to be so here in the trailer.



Forest Whitaker narrating holding a waling stick.


Donnie Yen going all kinds of badass with his walking stick.


Felicity Jones’ “Jin” character speaking with Mon Mothma (whos name I forget) but I had forgot or didn’t know she was in the movie at all up to this point.


Stormtroopers, Death/Stormcommando troopers, Scorpion troopers (the yellowish scout ones) And what appears to be Jin (Felicity in an Imperial Gunner/Engineer outfit).


Diego Luna is hanging out at a Rebel Base with Mothma and Felicity.


We see the focusing eye attached to the Death Star with Star Destroyers in the foreground…= joygasm.


We see a shuttle explode…


and then something I had heard about recently from Making Star Wars, the hover tank and it’s driver patrolling the streets.


We finally we get to see some awesome Imperial armor.


Thoughts on the trailer. Well it doesn’t tell us a whole lot. Jin was a street urchin since 15, and is now around her late 20’s meets with Mon Mothma at a Rebel Base and gets put on a dangerous mission. We see the Death Star being assembled and awesome imperial tech everywhere, oh and rebel tech of course. With X-wing and Rebel hangar transport in this frame.

vlcsnap-2016-04-08-14h05m39s296.png hangar transport

Speaking of the Imperial tech the Scorpion trooper helmet design and the hover tank driver and the hover tank itself reminds me heavily of Cam Kennedy’s Dark Empire designs for the Imperial troops and gear that battled each other at Coruscant and at other planets for control of the resources of the Empire.

Also in the Rebel pilots scrambling out of the hangar we see some helmet art that is very OT reminscent, I’m not so familiar with the old pilots and helmet crests perhaps they are some that were in the old EU/ANH?

I screen capped about 2 dozen pics all together, feel free to browse them below!